World of Tanks Betting


Introduction to World of Tanks Betting

World of Tanks is a widely played Multiplayer online game published by Wargaming. It simulates warfare with war tank vehicles. The intensely competitive nature of this game has enabled it to join the elite collection of eSports games and has also provided a betting market which is as active as any other sporting game in the world.

World of Tanks has, over the years, gained massive popularity and reputation as it has spread over several communities around the world with over approximately 60 million players across the globe.

Understanding World of Tanks Gameplay

World of Tanks, WOT for short, simply involves you taking control of a war tank vehicle and shooting other war tank vehicles while avoiding being shot. As easy as this might sound, World of Tanks is much more complex and competitive.

To win this game you must understand the types of tanks and how they work to get the optimum use of a tank in whatever map you may find yourself. Players, after selecting tanks, are put in random maps with each map having its unique attributes. To compete, only a player with a vast understanding of the types and functions of each tank stands a better chance at winning. Also, winning requires teamwork!

Types of World of Tanks Bets

As earlier mentioned, the betting community of this game is massive and keeps getting bigger by the day. As this underlines the basis of this article, it will be important for you to understand the different World of Tanks betting markets that are available too.

Match Winner

This type of bet is also known as the moneyline. This is the easiest bet to understand and should be the starting point for anyone new to World of Tanks betting. As the name implies, it simply means betting on the team to win the overall match

Map Winner

Map winner bet goes into the specifics of predicting the outcome of a match. Here, you place your bet on your most preferred team to win a particular map. As this might be more complex than the previous markets, it usually offers higher Worlds of Tanks Odds.

First to Certain Kills

First to Certain Kills, popularly known as First Blood, is a more fascinating bet to play. This type of bet involves staking on your most preferred team to make the first kill or destroy a tank first.


The over/under bet is a World of Tanks betting option where the bookmaker sets a prediction for the outcome of a match and expects you to bet either below or above the already predicted outcome. For example, a bookmaker can set the prediction of the number of rounds in a match to be 24.5. Betting under 24.5 means that you believe that there will be less than 25 rounds in such a match. Meanwhile, betting over 24.5 means that you believe there will be more than 25 rounds in a match.

Major World of Tanks Tournaments and Leagues

As is the culture of most eSports games, World of Tanks boasts several major tournaments and leagues. Many of these are organized by the publishers (Wargaming), and several other gaming sponsors. Further underlining the competitive attribute of this fantastic game are the arrangements that are put in place for large-scale World of Tanks betting during these contests. Some of these major tournaments and leagues are:

  • Intercontinental Invitational tournament: This is a 15 v 15 world-class tournament involving top World of Tanks gaming professionals from North America, Europe, and Asia who compete for a prize pool of $45,000. Only top gamers who understand the essentials of the game stand a chance to win
  • Twister Cup Tournament: This tournament is played by both young and old professional World of Tanks gamers who have, in time past, proven their qualities to the world and also to the gaming community. This tournament is also powered by Gorilla Energy and participants compete for a grand prize pool of $50,000. Teamwork is crucial to winning!

World of Tanks Betting Odds

World of Tanks betting odds are presented in three standard formats just like the other types of games betting odds are presented. You do not need to do countless research trying to understand these formats though. We've got you covered:

  • Fractional Odds: This type of World of Tanks odds format, just as the name implies, is represented in the form of a fraction (⅘). Each part of the fraction has a significance, the numerator represents the amount to be won while the denominator represents the number of bets to stake. The use of fractional odds is more prominent in the UK betting market.
  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds, just as the name implies, are presented in a decimal form. That is, a whole number, a decimal point and other numbers. For instance, “2.33”. In using this type of odds to bet, your potential winning outcome is calculated by simply multiplying your stake with the total odds selected. This is the most common type of World of Tanks odds.
  • American Odds: It is not far-fetched, after seeing the name of this format, to realize that it is common in the American betting market. This type of odds is presented in positive and negative signs (+/-). The negative sign is usually attached to the most likely outcomes while the positive sign is used with the less likely outcomes.

Live Betting on World of Tanks

Here, you can bet on teams to win a map or a match or even the team to get the first kill as the match is being played. Yes, what you're thinking is correct. This particular type of World of Tanks betting will surely have more advantages. We'll briefly run you through some of these:

  • Easier to analyze outcomes: Having seen how both teams play, it becomes very easy to evaluate and predict the outcomes of a match. This is because you can see the live statistics and the strengths and weaknesses of each team playing.
  • Flexible betting odds: The World of Tanks odds are much more flexible during live betting as they are not stable. They go high and get low as pressure increases from either team during the gameplay. Having this in mind, it is easier to know when the odds are best profitable and thus, stake them.
  • Cashout option: The cashout option is a very important aspect of live betting. After seeing the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, GGBet allows you to cash out while the game is still in play if you think your prediction will be far from the outcome of the match or when you notice the World of Tanks odds have hit the highest they can.

World of Tanks Betting Promotions and Bonuses

It is already stale news that World of Tanks betting is very promising. However, we've got some fresh news for you. This is to bring to your notice the betting promotions and bonuses that World of Tanks betting with GGBet offers you:

  • Welcome bonus: There is a welcome bonus for all new customers worth a 100% return on all initial deposits made. To claim this, simply register on the platform!
  • Free bets: To commend WoT bettors and reward them, GGBet offers them free bets from time to time to show how amazing they are. These free bets could be bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.
  • Live betting bonuses: When customers bet on live World of Tanks odds, they are rewarded with bonuses which could include certain percentages of their stakes. This particular bonus is given in proportion to how often you indulge in live betting.

How to Place a World of Tanks Bet

By now, you must be wondering how to place the next World of Tank bet. We've got you on that. Simply follow these simple steps to place your World of Tanks bet:

  • Open an Account and Sign Up: This is the first and preliminary step to placing a bet in World of Tanks betting. Simply sign up to get started. GGBet is waiting for you!
  • Fund your Account: Funding your account is the next step in placing a bet. It is important to fund your account to be able to stake. It is almost impossible to stake any bet without funding your account with money.
  • Pick your bets and Play: After funding your account, the next step is to make your betting selections. Check your World of Tanks odds and place a bet!

World of Tanks Betting Tips and Strategies

As with every form of betting, winning requires a fair share of luck and a considerable amount of experience and tactics. To exploit these in your favour, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Make findings: An important betting strategy is to check through statistics. Researching the previous wins and losses of each team and analyzing their strength and weaknesses is crucial to landing a win in WoT betting.
  • Bet on your favourite: Many bettors are moved by the World of Tanks odds while others are moved by the favorite team to win. The bookmarker's favourite does not have to be your own favourite. Do the dirty work and stick to the results of your findings!

Customer Support for World of Tanks Betting

GGBet is keen on your experience and works towards giving you the best experience possible. You can always get across to customer service via telephone, email address or the 24/7 live chat feature on the website.