Volleyball Betting


Overview of Volleyball Betting

Volleyball has invaded the sports world with its rapid popularity across the world. The game is simple, yet sophisticated to host tournaments that are anticipated by many fans. Volleyball is a game involving two teams. Each team consists of six players. These teams volley (hit the ball in a regulated manner) till the other team doesn't catch the ball. When the points total 15 for an individual team, the game is ended in favor of such a team.

Volleyball has a tight grip on its popularity in places like the United States, Russia and Brazil. Sports bookmakers build on Volleyball's popularity to generate Volleyball betting options. Offering tons of features, GGBET takes the lead as the best Volleyball sports bookie.

Types of Volleyball Bets

Wondering about the available Volleyball possibilities you can bet money on? Volleyball bets offer favorable Volleyball odds to leverage as a gambler. The following includes the top Volleyball bets any bettor can place:

  • Total Points: Each team obtains points as they play according to Volleyball's rules. These points serve as a possible bet for bettors. This form of bet involves betting on the summed points of each team, that is, trying to predict the range of total points. Popularly, Volleyball games end with an average total points of 136. The total points bets appear like this: Belarus v China +136 points. This implies that both teams must accumulate at least 136 in total points for a bettor to win the bet.
  • Set betting: This type of bet on a Volleyball game attracts high Volleyball odds. This results from the nature of the bets. Since Volleyball has five sets, bettors can wager on the probability that a particular event will happen during the game. For example: In set 4, you can bet that a particular team will lead the set. You can also bet on the total points of the set. Easy, right?
  • Handicap Betting: This operates as the match-winner bet. There is only one difference that changes the concept of handicap games. You are still betting on the team to win the match. However, the bookie deducts some points from the strong team and assigns the deducted points to the overpowered team. What the bookie attempts to achieve here is simply an equal ground for each team. The favorite team has to outperform in the game by leading the game with extra points above the deducted point. To some Volleyball betting enthusiasts, this is a secure way of winning a Volleyball bet.
  • Tournament Bets: Volleyball's tournament bets function differently from the tournament bets of other sports. Here, you get to predict the potential winner of the league or tournament. In addition to this, you get to bet on the team to qualify from the group stage. This way, bettors now have boundless choices of bets to place. In tournaments such as the Olympics, you can go further to wager whether or not a particular team will win any medal at all.
  • Correct Score: Rather than win based on the points obtained during the match, the game is determined by the team that wins the most out of five sets. The correct score is a Volleyball betting option that focuses on the sets that the teams win. Usually, the options are 3-0, 3-1 and 3-2.
  • Match Bet: In Volleyball, no game results in a draw. This means that there are no draw options in any game. You must either lose or win this bet. The betting web page, let's say GGBET, displays the match winner bet as "Home" or "Away". Straightforward, right? This bet still offers lucrative odds as it is relatively risky if two skilled Volleyball teams are competing.

Major Volleyball Leagues and Events

Volleyball leagues are featured at sports betting sites if they are popular globally. This attempt is to reduce any sort of game manipulation. Top Volleyball betting sites offer the top Volleyball series or cups in the world. These competitions include:

  • FIVB Volleyball World Championship: This is a major event held within an interval of four years. This competition provides slots for 24 teams and it is played in four different stages. These stages are seemingly complicated but they are played using the round-robin format.
  • Brazilian Volleyball Super League: Volleyball betting sites feature this Volleyball league as it is hosted every year by the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation. This yearly competition outranks other Volleyball events in Brazil. The 12 participating teams also target the first place of the league to secure a spot in the South American Championship.
  • Olympic Volleyball: The Olympics organizes indoor Volleyball every year it is held. The tournament hosts 12 teams. These teams have different qualification methods. Volleyball, as an Olympics event, breaks down the 12 teams into two groups as they compete for the first four positions in the table.
  • European Volleyball Championship: Volleyball's tournament calendar holds a season for the European Volleyball Championship. The competition has a male and female category. Each category is held at different times of the year. The Volleyball betting tournament requires the participation of 24 teams as it divides them into four groups.

Volleyball Betting Odds

What do you place bets on at a sports gambling site? Volleyball odds! These odds appear in different styles or forms. These formats of odds are:

  • The American Odds Format: These forms appear as negative and positive integers. For instance, +323 and -124. These figures have their meaning. +323 American odds means that a bettor who placed a bet of $100 on a game, will obtain $323 as the profit. -124 American odds indicate that the bettor must stake $124 to win $100 as profit.
  • The Decimal Odds Format: The format of odds comes like decimal numbers e.g. 1.76, 1.68, 17.23. The decimal odds format is easy for new bettors to understand as they can multiply odds with a better amount to calculate the overall winnings. The profit includes the wager in this bet form.
  • The Fractional Odds Form: Fractions stand as the fractional odds at the betting site. These fractions are not the regular ⅓ form. 1/3 is the form the betting sites use. The numerator, in this sense, is what the bettor obtains from betting with the denominator amount as the wager.

Live Betting on Volleyball

Betting as the Volleyball game is ongoing is the newest form of placing bets. That's simply because things are fun that way. This new form of Volleyball betting is recommended for new bettors who are learning the ins and outs of the Volleyball game. This leaves an opportunity for learning and making real cash.

Perks of Live bets

  • It increases the value of Volleyball odds, in cases of a heated Volleyball game.
  • It causes a rush of adrenaline to the bettors, keeping them high on fun.
  • Live betting keeps bettors from running into losses as lost wagers can be recovered as the game progresses.
  • It provides accurate information that will aid the bettor's bet choice.

Volleyball betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBET

If you seek to leverage the high Volleyball odds GGBET offers, the following bonuses are the best offers you can maximize for jackpot wins:

  • Deposit Bonus: Fund your GGBET wallet and get rewarded each time you do. That's the deal GGBET has with every user on the betting platform. This bonus goes up to $1,500, depending on the available campaign offer.
  • Welcome Bonus: As a little present to its cherished user, the welcome bonus is offered to new users of the GGBET platform on any sports bets. This bonus is open for use in the Volleyball section of the sports bookie.

How to Place a Volleyball Bet on GGBET

Wagering for the first time at GGBET? The steps to placing money on any Volleyball odds are as follows:

  • Create a GGBET account and verify it.
  • Put some money into the account. There is usually a bonus for doing that.
  • Head to the sports matches section and select Volleyball games. The Volleyball games are usually games that are in season and they have Volleyball odds assigned to each bet option.
  • Do your due research about the games.
  • Select a bet option and input the amount you can place on the odds provided by the sports bookie.
  • Click on the "confirm bet" icon and you are ready for a win.

Volleyball Betting Tips and Strategies

With the following Volleyball betting tactics, Volleyball bets become easy to win:

  • Know what Volleyball entails.
  • Start betting early for high odds
  • Stay up to date with Volleyball news and player stats.
  • Manage the funds to the proportion of your risk.
  • Analyze your game before you gamble.

Customer Support for Volleyball Betting

Volleyball bets have disputes that may come up while betting. To resolve this, the sports bookie offers the following methods as means of communicating such betting disputes:

  • Phone call
  • Email address
  • Web-integrated chat box

Do you want to enjoy profitable Volleyball odds, bonuses and lots more benefits? Open a GGBET betting account today.