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Betting on Valorant Games

We bet you have heard of Valorant betting. It's about betting on the popular FPS (First Person Shooter) game Valorant. Valorant was published in 2020 by Riot Games. The game has since sunk deep into the hearts of many, as 5 million gamers can't just stop playing it every passing day. This is regardless of its exclusive availability to PC users.

This popularity has caused the best eSports betting sites, including GGBET, to create a platform where gamblers can bet on Valorant games. These sites select the best tournaments and provide several betting options for bettors. To know all about Valorant bets, keep scrolling!

How does Valorant Work?

Valorant is a shooter game that gives users a first-person view during the battle. The game can only be played on laptops and requires a squad of five players playing against another squad, that is, 5 v 5. In Valorant, each player is referred to as an in-game agent. Every agent is programmed to have in-game abilities, which are enhanced with suitable weapons.

Depending on the mode of the game, the teams are to battle to have the most victories in a Valorant match. These Valorant battles take place in any of the 22 maps available. Predicting which team will win a specific map is among the available Valorant betting options. Some of these maps include Bind, Icebox, Lotus, and so on.

Valorant Betting Options

The way Valorant is played naturally affects the betting options eSports sites can offer. At GGBET, the following are the most popular Valorant betting options available:

  • Outrights: This bet option requires that the bettor foresees the potential winner of a Valorant tournament or series. The Outright bet is complex when analysed, which is evident through the high odds given by the casino.
  • Match Betting: The Moneyline or match-winner bet requires the gambler to select the team they think will emerge winner in a single match. This Valorant betting type is quite different from outright betting.
  • Handicap Bets: The bookie offers a level field for both teams in a Valorant match. Usually, the underdog or weak team has little chance of winning over the strong team. GGBET gives the weaker team a boost of 1.5 while the stronger team receives a disadvantage of 1.5 points. This betting option offers some of the most attractive Valorant odds.
  • In-Game Props: This bet type does not impact the results of the game directly. An example of this bet type is the team to make the first kill. If Team A makes the first kill, it does not mean the team has or will ultimately win the match.

Top Featured Valorant Tournaments and Series

Research shows that over 780,000 players engage daily in Valorant games. Gambling sites cannot feature all the games. Nonetheless, top betting houses feature the most prominent Valorant games with their respective Valorant betting options. These tournaments include:

  • Valorant Champions Tour: This is a full series organized by the developer of the game Riot Games. In the Valorant Champions Tour, squads battle to seek qualification into the Masters League. From the Masters League, the best sixteen emerging teams have the opportunity to participate in the final stage, the Championship tournament. The Championship title is an envied global award for the winner of the Championship.
  • VCT Game Changers: GGBET also makes the best Valorant odds available for the Valorant Champions Tour: Game Changers. This tournament began in 2021. The competition centres on females by creating a mixed team of men and women. A live bet option is also available at this event.

Formats of Valorant Odds

You can't bet without understanding how Valorant odds appear on an eSports betting website. Odds tell bettors how much they gain for each bet they make. These odds are presented in three common formats, and the betting sites select whichever they prefer:

  • American Odds: When you hear the words "American odds", the United States comes to mind. Well, this odd format is dominantly utilized in the US. It is shown as a whole number with a negative or positive symbol. For example, -160, +200. -160 implies that you need to bet $160 to win $100. +200 implies that you win $200 when you bet $100.
  • Fractional Odds: They are simply fractional in their appearance, 5/3. Let's assume you are betting on a 5/3 fractional Valorant odds. Here, for any 3-dollar bet, there is a potential win of 5 dollars.
  • Decimal odds: Think of decimal numbers, e.g. 1.76, 5.38, etc. That's how decimal odds appear on GGBET. To calculate potential winnings, multiply your bet amount with the odds. For example, by multiplying 1.87 decimal odds with a $1000 deposit, the bettor will leave with $1,870 if he wins the bet.

Live Betting on Valorant Games and Its Reward

In-play betting is simply placing bets on live Valorant odds. Here, the betting options are available for selection from the start of the game till its end. This form of betting makes available more props bets. The following are reasons why gamblers should bet more on live games:

  • It provides a chance for bettors to hedge losing bets.
  • It allows bettors to make more money while watching the game.
  • It provides accurate information for game analysis
  • It opens room for new proposition bets.
  • It increases the tension and excitement of the live game.

Valorant Bet Bonuses Available at GGBET

Players are to actively use their bonuses to maximize the potential of any Valorant gambling casino. This reduces the risk of losing personal funding yet gives them the chance to win more. The following bonuses are given to bettors to aid their winning as they bet on Valorant odds:

  • Deposit Bonus: At GGBET, you get rewarded each time you deposit. This offer is available to existing and new GGBET gamblers. Here, the bookmaker creates a maximum bonus limit called the limit cap. Usually, the limit cap ranges from $500 to $1,500.
  • Free Bets: This bonus is given only on special occasions. Here, the sportsbook gives all gamblers the chance to place a bet with zero risk. Unbelievable, right? All you have to do is place your bet and get your money back if you lose.
  • Welcome Bonus: Every new gambler gets entitled to a reward at GGBET. This bonus is offered upon registration and remains valid for a limited duration. Sometimes, it requires a deposit from the bettors before it is activated.

Placing Valorant Bets at GGBET Esports Casino

If you are confused about how to place Valorant bets, you can follow the below steps to place bets in Valorant odds:

  • Visit the verified page of GGBET. Make sure you register or create a gambling profile. You can do that by selecting the signup button and answering the questions.
  • Fund your account by using any payment gateway accessible in your country.
  • Search through the eSports betting market for Valorant games.
  • After analysing the game, select the odds provided by the casino.
  • Type the amount you can risk.
  • Approve the bet and wait for the results.

Tips for scoring win streaks on Valorant bets

Betting strikes fear in most gamblers as they are too scared to take risks. Why get scared when you can boast of always winning? To score streaks of won bets, take the following Valorant betting strategies to heart.

  • Fund your account wisely: When gambling on Valorant bets, it is vital to split your income into parts and assign a percentage to betting. A good percentage will be 5-10%. Gambling is for fun, not a means of livelihood.
  • Conduct your game analysis before placing bets: Before you hit the odds and confirm the bet, relax! Conduct research. Check on the team stats, their last performances, and their Head-to-Head matches. From this analysis, selecting the option to bet on will be a piece of cake.
  • Know the basics of Valorant gaming: Having a basic insight into how the entire game and tournament works is very important when betting. This helps to determine the Valorant match's length and the possible results.

GGBET Client Support for Valorant Bettors

Issues always arise on every Valorant betting platform. At GGBET, the management foresees this and has made some provisions for resolving such issues or asking other questions. These provisions include:

  • Mail: This option is suitable for formal requests or enquiries. You can simply attach evidence of complaint to the mail for quicker response.
  • Phone Call: If you are up for international calls and financially capable of paying the incurring fee, feel free to contact their Valorant betting representative over the phone.
  • Live Chat Box: This option is easy to access and provides swift replies. Simply scroll down on the website and select the little chat icon to get started.

Looking for the best bookmarker with high Valorant odds and generous bet rewards? GGBET is an excellent choice. Get started today by registering on GGBET!