Vainglory Betting


All You Need To Know About Vainglory Betting on GGBET

Vainglory was first published and produced by Super Evil Megacorp in 2014 for iOS and in 2015 for Android users. It's an online multiplayer battle arena game (MOBA) where two five or three-member teams compete against each other. The icing on the cake is the Vainglory betting, where you can earn money while gaming. Keep reading this article to find out how!

Understanding Vainglory Gameplay

Vainglory is quite similar to other MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota because it offers 3v3 and 5v5 game modes. In Vainglory, the two teams might consist of 3 or 5 members, depending on the selected playing mode. The main aim is to protect the Vain Crystals in your territory whilst attacking the enemy's own. Rather than the popular and regular 3 lines called lanes, the 3v3 mode uses a straight-line map.

In addition, every player from each team controls a "hero" that can be controlled by a straightforward system – which allows you to tap in any direction you want to move your hero. Minions are positioned in each base to combat any creature en route to the lanes. To top it all, turret towers prevent the enemy's heroes and minions from gaining access to their base. Popular in-game heroes you can choose from include:

  • Glaive
  • Catherine
  • Ardan
  • Reim
  • Blackfeather
  • Ringo

Players can choose any of the three abilities made available on the Common Technology Tree. Some sets of heroes are also made available free of charge, with the roster being renewed weekly. You can make in-app purchases via any of the two in-game currencies.

Available Vainglory Bets on GGBET

GGBET offers a host of markets where you can get involved in Vainglory betting. You can place bets on any of these markets and be expectant of a reward, provided you win. Some of these markets include:


In this market type, you are to predict the total number of items (such as kills) that would happen while gaming. You can stake on the Vainglory odds that side with the number of kills you expect to happen in the course of the game.

Outright Winner/Tournament Winner/Series Winner Bets

This involves placing a bet on teams or players you feel will win the tournament. In the real sense, Vainglory odds for this market are surprisingly higher than others. The reason is that predicting the actual outcome of big Vainglory tournaments and leagues of Vainglory is difficult. As the prediction entails a bigger risk, the yield is larger, too. With a stroke of luck and a good knowledge of the gameplay, you can surely land a big win.

Speciality Bets

Numerous speciality bets are offered in the game. Most bookies offer attractive Vainglory betting markets, which can only be won during the game. They could come in the form of ‘the kind of hero that will be killed within the next ten minutes, among others.

Matchwinner Bets

These stand as the most popular bets available to Vainglory bettors worldwide. They involve placing bets on your preferred teams to win the match.

First Kill Bets

At GGBET, unlike other online betting sites, you can predict the team or player that will make the first kill in the game and stake your money on it. This betting option is not as common as in other markets; thus, it often comes under the specials in Vainglory betting.

Major Vainglory Tournaments

If you're wondering where and how players/punters get money from Vainglory betting, it's mostly from tournaments and leagues. If you don't mind making extra cash, it's imperative to know the events you can stake on:

  • Vainglory Worlds: Here is the biggest Vainglory event, with a prize pool of $175,000 to be shared among participants. Top players around the world are selected and grouped into 16 teams. These teams are then divided into 4 groups to battle against one another for the Championships.
  • Vainglory Winter Championship: This tournament is one of the most anticipated events in Vainglory betting. It boasts a cash prize of $25,000 and is supported by Redbull.
  • Vainglory Minor League: Although this competition isn't as popular as other tournaments, you can stake on the alluring Vainglory odds available and win big while at it.

Vainglory Betting Odds on GGBET

The standard practice is that betting odds are presented in three different formats. These are:

  • Decimal Odds: This is the simplest Vainglory odds format. The higher the odds set for an outcome, the lower the chances of it occurring. Based on the bookie's prediction, teams with lower odds are usually called the favourites.
  • American Odds: These Vainglory odds are accompanied by a positive or negative sign. The figure tells you the amount to be staked to win a $100 return. This means placing a bet of $100 on +400 will yield $400 as a return.
  • Fractional Odds: These odds come in fractions, as the name predicts. The denominator stands for the amount to be staked, while the numerator stands for your estimated yield. For example, staking $20 on a 3/1 odds means that you should be expecting a $20×3= $60 return.

Vainglory Live Betting on GGBET

On notable platforms like GGBET, players can place live bets on ongoing Vainglory events. This arrangement allows you to watch and stake while playing the game. Live bets provide one of the surest ways to win big from betting. If you're still in doubt, here are a few additional reasons live betting might be just that secret recipe you need:

  • In-game thrills: The fun of gaming is better enjoyed live, as you get to see the situation unfold right before your eyes.
  • Higher chances of winning: By studying the actions of other players, teams and yours alike, you'll make better-informed decisions. This is sure to increase your chances of winning.
  • Live Odds: Some very rewarding Vainglory odds are only available during a live game. Live betting on ongoing events will bring them to you.

Vainglory Bonuses and Promotions on GGBET

On GGBET, there are numerous benefits for punters who engage in Vainglory betting:

  • Welcome bonus: Upon signing up on the platform, you're eligible for about $200 as a welcome bonus.
  • Insurance Bonus: To mitigate the feeling of a loss, a portion of customers lost bets are returned as a bonus.
  • Free Bets: Once you deposit $10 within your first two weeks of registration, you're eligible to make free bets on GGBET.
  • Monthly Offers: To reward returning punters and entice newbies, the bookmarker has special offers in place, revealed on a monthly basis.

How to Place Vainglory Bets on GGBET

Learning about Vainglory betting isn't enough. You need to put all your knowledge into practice. Follow this detailed step-by-step guide to place a Vainglory bet on GGBET:

  • Register for an account on GGBET's official website or app.
  • Deposit some funds into the account.
  • Use your preferred payment method.
  • Go to the Vainglory section and locate the available betting markets.
  • Select the odds that side with your predictions.
  • Put in the amount you want to stake – remember to bet responsibly.
  • Confirm your bet!

Tips and Strategies for Betting on Vainglory

Becoming a pro in a Vainglory game takes more than just reading. It's a continual and conscious effort that takes a lot of energy and time. To help you in this journey, here are a few tips to boost your chance of winning anytime you stake on Vainglory odds:

  • Make Research: The bedrock of a successful bet is information. Blind betting should be eschewed if you desire to win big on GGBET. Conduct a detailed analysis of all aspects of the game, down to players, events and tournaments. This will help you make informed decisions when staking on players and tournaments alike.
  • Funds Management: As tempting as betting large sums might be, it's only a risky and unhealthy gambling method. You should prepare a betting bankroll and stick strictly to that. This will help you bet wisely and conform to the rules of healthy gambling.
  • Delve into Live Betting: Live Vainglory betting is quite popular amongst gamers today, and the reason isn't farfetched. When you engage in in-game betting, numerous benefits offer you an edge over pre-match punters. You get to experience the fun of live gaming, make observations and decide wisely based on these.
  • Understand the Game: As aforementioned, it's unwise of you as a Vainglory punter to stake based on storm and weather. It's important to know the rules and modalities of the game. You'll enjoy the benefits when the wins start trooping in.

Customer Support for Vainglory Betting

Regardless of the time, the GGBET customer service is there to help you anytime, any day. You can pick any of these means to reach out – phone calls, email, or round-the-clock live chat – to lodge your complaints.

Rest assured, they'll be taken care of in no time. Furthermore, with the wide range of betting markets and exhilarating odds to bet on, you're in for a great time. What are you waiting for? Sign up on GGBET today and get started!