Tennis Betting


Introduction to Tennis Betting

When you hear the likes of Federer, Djokovic and other notable names, you're sure to think of Tennis.

Tennis brings immense joy and thrills for those who indulge in it. The game is believed to have originated in France and it has kept the name up to date. With the evolution and changes in this modern world, a lot of modifications have taken place. This article is to entirely break down to you an aspect of that of such – tennis betting.

Types of Tennis Bets

There's a range of tennis betting markets to choose from. At GGBET, we offer dynamic markets that will suit everyone's preference. These markets include:

Match Winner

This is similar to moneyline bets, but the only difference is that you're betting on the winner of an individual match. Remember, tennis does not permit draws, which means only one winner will emerge. In a match between Stefanos Tsistsipas and Nick Krygios, for example, you can bet on Nick Krygios to win the match.

Outright Bets

This is a type of betting that concerns the tournament as a whole. You stake on the overall winner of the tournament. For example, in the Grand Slams, you can stake $20 on tennis odds for the outright winner and select which player you think will win.

Odd/Even Bet

This deals with the cumulative games or sets in a fixed match. If you stake money on an even bet for a particular player, the player must have an even number of goals after the need of all sets. Basically, he should have a total of 8,10,12,14 or other multiples of two. If he finishes with odd numbers (numbers which are not divisible by 2), your wager will be lost. The same applies to odd bets, which implies that your preferred player must finish with an odd number as total.

Correct Score

You're to predict a certain margin of sets to be won in a game. For instance, in best-of-five sets, you can predict a player to win 3-2, 3-1 or 3-0. This is one of the easiest Tennis odds you can find on GGBET.


This is used to even out the differences in a mismatched pair. They come in different signs; positive and negative. If you stake money on a -2.5 odds, you need the player to win 3-0 in a best-of-three sets. In the absence of this occurrence, your bets are as good as null.

Live Bets

This is only made available in an ongoing match. You can bet as you get to see the events unfold. This activity is of paramount importance to a successful Tennis betting.

Major Tennis Leagues and Events

Where else can you stake on tennis odds if not in events? The most popular tennis events present an opportunity for entertainment, as well as money making. They include:

US Open

As part of the annual 4 grand slams, the US Open is unarguably the most popular hardcourt event worldwide. It's graced by the finest of all tennis players, thrilling gameplay and numerous tennis odds. It ranks as one of the highest prize pools and is sponsored by dignitaries all round the world.

It starts on the last Monday of August and runs for two weeks in Queens, New York. It consists of five major sections:

  • Men's Single
  • Women's Single
  • Men's Double
  • Women Double
  • Mixed Doubles.

Roland Garros, French Open

This is one of the most difficult grand slams because it's played on clay. The chances of success are the slimmest! But with an enticing prize pool and nice tennis odds, it's definitely worth a shot. With GGBET to offer you tips and incentives while at it, you can join the train!


This is definitely the hardest of all since it's played on grass. It's played in England and offered a prize pool of £44,700,000 as at the last event. It's the only slam event that is played even during night time curfew as matches can resume after 11pm. So, even night cannot affect your tennis betting on this event on GGBET.

Tennis Betting Odds

Depending on the bookmarker you use, there are different formats of tennis odds. Commonly, there are three different formats:

  • Fractional Odds: This comes in fractions, as the name implies. You only need to multiply your stakes with the fractions and add. For example, staking $30 on a 7/1 odds means that you'll be getting $30×7 = $210 plus $30×1 = $30. This will amount to $210+$30 = $240, in total.
  • Decimal Odds: These are easy to multiply and understand. They come in decimal forms and are multiplied with your original stakes. For instance, staking $80 on tennis odds set at 3.0 will yield $240 for you.
  • American Odds: These are accompanied with positive or negative signs. The favorite team comes with a -sign while the underdogs are accompanied with a +sign. The -sign represents your estimated yield if you stake $100, while the +sign depicts how much you need to stake to get free $100.

Live Betting on Tennis

As common in other eSports, tennis betting is a huge thing among punters. Live betting is the process of staking on ongoing Tennis events. Wondering why you should try that? Here are some reasons:

  • Fun: Nothing beats winning a live bet as the joy of seeing events unfold is second to none.
  • Amending lost bets: During previous games, you might have made little mistakes that contributed to a loss. If you delve into live Tennis Betting, you have the privilege of placing guaranteed bets. This is due to the informed decisions you're prone to make.
  • Live information: Some information can only be got from an ongoing match. This is due to the live commentators made available in such events.
  • In-game Odds: During live betting, there are tons of enticing live odds made available for you. They are rarely found in prematches, hence the name “in-game odds.

Tennis Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBET

On GGBET, you're entitled to several incentives and benefits. They come in form of various bonuses and promotions which include:

  • Deposit match: Upon your first deposit, you get a 100% return of that same amount. As a new gamer on GGBET, if your first deposit is $80, you're entitled to a reward of $80 also.
  • Welcome bonus: A lot of incentives in the form of free boss are made available on GGBET. You're awarded a welcome bonus up on signing into the platform.
  • Free plays: In tennis betting, there are free bets available for you. You can use them to stake on any preferred tennis events with no need for you to use your own money.
  • Cashbacks: To compensate for your loss, a percentage of your bets are returned to you as a bonus. You can use this returned money to stake on other matches in tennis betting.

How to Place a Tennis Bet on GGBET

Placing a tennis bet is similar to betting on other sports. New players and experienced punters alike won't find it difficult to do such on GGBET. Simply,

  • Register your betting account: As a new player, you'll be asked to fill in some info on the GGBET website. Enter this information and verify it.
  • Deposit into your account: After registering, you need to put some funds into your betting account. Choose your preferred payment method and deposit money.
  • Place your bets: Find your way to the tennis section on GGBET. Select the game you want to stake on, choose your preferred tennis odds and place a bet.

Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies

For a successful tennis betting, here are a few tips that might come in handy:

  • Choose the best bets: Before you finalize your tennis selections, use the odds comparison tool to see which bookies are offering the best odds. This will enable you to choose the best odds made available.
  • Play demo mode: Before delving too deep into the gambling mode, it's advisable to use the demo mode first. This will enable you to wager without real money, thus mitigating your loss if they occur.
  • Do your research: Know what influences each player and their style of play. In a match between players of similar ranking, it's their motivation that counts. Likewise, each player's style could be a determinant of how well he will perform. Know all these like the back of your hand, before betting.
  • Stick with your betting bankroll: Don't try to mitigate your loss by betting immediately, as this can lead to bankruptcy. Keep your calm and remember that tennis betting is also a game of luck.

Customer Support for Tennis Betting

Should any problem arise during the course of gaming, you need not fret. At GGBET, we have an array of customer support options to cater for your needs.

If you want to send emails, we've an email address for you to drop in. If you need your requests answered within seconds, the round-the-clock live chat room is also available. And if you want to place a direct call, we have a working phone address. No other bookmarker comes close to GGBET in tennis betting. Join us today!