StarCraft 2 Betting


Introduction to StarCraft 2 Betting

When StarCraft was newly released, it was welcomed with overwhelmingly positive reviews and commercial success, as it became the highest-selling war strategy game in the industry's history. Blizzard Entertainment created this as a continuation of the first StarCraft game. Over the course of its existence, it has also become an eSport. One added advantage is that you can wager on StarCraft 2 games on GGBET and some other sites that offer it. In this article, we'll explore the nitty-gritty of StarCraft 2 betting and how to go about it.

Understanding StarCraft 2 Gameplay

The game concerns the StarCraft races embroiled in a conflict. This conflict is mainly between the Terran Dominion regime and a pack of Rebels led by Jim Raynor. In the multiplayer mode – which is the one for eSports – you can choose to be any of the races you want. The game requires you to kill your opponents and destroy their structures. Different multiplayer modes exist: 1v1, 2v2, and up to 4v4, allowing you several choices to wager on StarCraft 2 odds and markets.

Types of StarCraft 2 Bets

Betting on StarCraft 2 odds is straightforward. There are many markets that you can place your money on. However, we'll be looking at the most popular ones.

  • Moneyline Bet: Also known as “Match winner bet”, this one refers to who will win a particular fixture. As a bettor, you are supposed to choose the team to win, and if you get it right, it means you've won your bet.
  • Outright Bets: There are many StarCraft 2 betting tournaments. This type of bet involves you choosing who will win a particular competition. To have a chance of winning this bet, make sure you have enough information at your fingertips.
  • Accumulator Bets: Accumulator bets increase your chances of a higher payout. By choosing multiple games, the odds are multiplied to give you a higher payout chance. Betting on more matches will give you a higher payout than only one fixture.
  • Handicap Bets: This type of bet increases the expectation of the favourite team or player while increasing their odds. A handicap bet may require the favourites to win and do so with an expected margin. If this is done, the bet wins.

Major StarCraft 2 Tournaments and Leagues

StarCraft has some exciting events that take place yearly. These events often bring the best StarCraft 2 gamers under one banner, competing to win the trophy. Let's take a look at some of them. 

  • ESL SC2 Masters: ESL is a Premier-tier competition with the best StarCraft players competing for the title. Every season is divided into two separate events, the Summer and Winter competitions. The competition is a 1v1 competition, and each event has a prize pool of $75,000, which is relatively low for a StarCraft tournament. However, this tournament portrays some of the most illustrious StarCraft 2 gaming and is worth its premier status. Moreover, you can do StarCraft 2 betting on GGBET and other top sites.
  • StarCraft 2 Masters Championship: This is the apex tournament of the StarCraft Pro Tour, the season over. It crowns the best player for the season, making it an excellent avenue to wager on StarCraft 2 odds. This tournament has a prize pool of $500,000, which is attractive for players. It is held yearly in Katowice, Poland, and features only the creme de la creme of StarCraft 2 gaming. 

StarCraft 2 Betting Odds

How do you proceed with your StarCraft 2 betting without understanding how the odds are presented? The answer is that you can't, and that's the reason for this section. The game's odds are presented in the following ways.

  • Decimal Odds: These are the most popular, and it's not hard to see why. They're easy to understand and calculate; you'll find them on most betting sites like GGBET. Here, you only need a simple multiplier: your stake multiplied by the odds. If your stake is $100, on a 3.00 odds, your potential payout is $300.
  • Fractional Odds: Fractional odds are also popular, and a mark of them are numerators and denominators. The numerator is the number above the fraction and also the multiplier. The denominator only shows the value of the bet. In calculating your potential winnings, multiply your wager with the numerator and add it to the initial stake. 
  • American Odds: These are always presented with a plus or minus sign behind the number. Say you see odds with a plus sign. It shows the underdogs, while the minus odds show the favourites. American odds are always determined on the backdrop of $100. A (+) odd shows what you will get with a $100 stake, while (-) StarCraft 2 odds show how many $100s you need to get that amount.

Live Betting on StarCraft 2

There are several benefits of trying live betting on any sport. In fact, we can say that live betting is still an untapped resource for StarCraft 2 betting and winnings. There is no promise that you'll win all your wagers, but there are things you'll enjoy while live betting on StarCraft 2 and other eSports.

  • Rapid payouts: Betting before the game increases the duration before the game is played and your winnings are gotten, that is, if you win. However, if you wager on live games, your winnings will be paid out as soon as the game ends, and you will have successfully bypassed the distance between your wager and the payout.
  • Better analysis: If you decide to wager on live StarCraft 2 odds, you'll not be betting solely on probability but on real game analysis. Pre-game betting involves several mechanics to help you predict a match outcome. However, none is as accurate as analyzing a match when it's going on live.
  • Live odds: You can also use live odds during the game. These live games often result in fluctuation of odds, and if you keep watch, you'll just be on hand to arrest the best odds as soon as they kick in. This is another exciting benefit of wagering on live games and doing them on GGBET, among other bookmakers.

StarCraft 2 Betting Promotions and Bonuses

Promotional offers are plenty on sites that give StarCraft betting as one of their offerings. You can get bonuses and freebies when you join any of these sites, and despite how exciting they are, it's safe to say that these bonuses are only second to the real betting experience. 

  • Welcome Bonuses: Get into any StarCraft bookmaker, and you'll first be met with a good welcome bonus. They come in several ways but are most popular as deposit matches or cashback offers.
  • Free Plays: This bonus is only given occasionally, but its value is worth mentioning. When you've proven your loyalty to a particular bookmaker like GGBET, they return the favour by allowing you to play free games. Free play bonuses are always unannounced, so be on hand to grab them when they come.
  • Deposit Matches: Here, your deposit will equal a certain percentage. This percentage could be 50% or as high as 100%, allowing you more opportunities to wager on the StarCraft 2 odds of your choice.

How to Place a StarCraft 2 Bet

To begin betting on StarCraft matches, you'll have to follow a few steps. Fortunately, these steps are easy, and you can do them without much ado. They are:

  • Sign Up: First, join a bookmaker offering StarCraft 2 betting as one of its services.GGBET is one of these sites, and you can easily sign up to play your favourite eSports there.
  • Deposit some money: Get your bonus, and start betting on StarCraft 2 odds as soon as you deposit. You'll have to meet the minimum deposit requirement of the site you're playing on.
  • Play: Navigate to the StarCraft 2 market and choose a game you want to bet on. This can be a single game or an accumulator bet.

StarCraft 2 Betting Tips and Strategies

How can you maximize your StarCraft 2 betting experience and get more frequent winnings? Check the tips below.

  • Watch the games: Nothing beats watching the games and understanding how they're played.
  • Bet on the favourites: The best StarCraft odds to wager on are the favourites. They're favourites because of their skill sets and expertise in playing StarCraft.
  • Research: Check out the H2Hs, previous fixtures, and scores of the players you're betting on.

Customer Support for StarCraft Betting

The customer support at GGBET is nothing short of exceptional. There are three channels available: 24/7 live chat, email, and phone call. These channels make reaching the company representatives easy, and the agents are certainly equipped with the tools and know-how to attend to you at any time of the day. Combining this with other features on the site, the juice is worth the squeeze, betting StarCraft on GGBET!