Snooker Betting


Introduction to Snooker Betting

Snooker is one of the less popular sports in the world. However, Snooker is still important for sports viewers and bettors alike. This sport involves the use of cue balls and a cue stick to manipulate the balls into any of the six pockets on the table. There are several competitions that Snooker players compete in, and apart from having a nice time while watching them, you can also do Snooker betting on them on GGBET. Follow this article to understand the nitty-gritty of betting on Snooker.

Types of Snooker Bets

Snooker bets consist of numerous options. Choose any of the options below to begin betting on Snooker odds and markets.

  • Outright Winner: Betting on the outright winner bet entails choosing the tournament winner before the tournament kicks off. Say in a tournament involving twenty players, you can choose one you think will win, and if this happens, you'll win your bet.
  • Match Winner: The match winner shares the same concept with the Outright winner bet, only that this time, you're choosing the winner of a single match. In a match that features two players, predict who the winner will be and see your Snooker betting winnings paid to you.
  • Handicap Bet: Some fixtures may be lopsided and heavily favour one player over another. Handicap bets remedy that and allow you to receive more profit betting on the favourite. There is often more than one box to tick for a player to win a handicap bet. If these criteria are met, then you will win the handicap bet.
  • Frame Winner: A frame in Snooker is like a goal in soccer. Different frames are played during a match, and whoever wins the most frames wins the game. Betting on frame-winner Snooker odds is one way to diversify your bet slip and give your win a fuller range.
  • Correct Score: This type of Snooker market is tricky, as predicting a correct score for a match is hard. However, if you are sure of your predicting prowess, put your money where your mouth is and wager on the correct score at the end of the game.
  • Over/Under Bets: Here, a number is given, and you are required to bet on whether the score at the end of the match will be higher or lower than that. This type of bet is also tricky but a bit less precise and, therefore, easier to get than Correct Score bets.

Major Snooker Leagues and Events

What leagues and Snooker tournaments can you bet on? Fortunately, there are some good options for you to test your Snooker betting skills and get some winnings. We've handpicked some for you to check out.

  • World Snooker Championship: This tournament can be traced to as far back as 1927 and is the longest-running Snooker tournament. Along with two other competitions, it forms the “Triple Crown” tournaments, which express the luxuriousness and importance of this event. It has a prize pool nearing $3 million and is regarded as the richest tournament in the world of Snooker.
  • UK Championship: This is also one of the “Triple Crown” tournaments and gathers the Snooker royalties into one competition. The best players grace the tournament with the best Snooker skills and ensure that bettors have a good time betting. GGBET also eases the betting process by providing the best Snooker odds you can get in any sportsbook.
  • Snooker Masters: This tournament completes the trifecta of “Triple Crown” tournaments and has been ongoing since 1975 when it was initiated. With a prize pool close to $1 million, you can expect to see the best Snooker on show at this event. Sportsbooks worldwide also carry this tournament's fixtures on their site, so prepare for a swell time.

Snooker Betting Odds

Snooker betting odds take certain formats on sportsbooks. Get in tune with these formats to make your betting easier.

  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are the simplest to understand and are the ones you'll find on most sites. To use this odds format, get the product of your stake and the odds. If you place a bet worth $50 on odds of 3.00, your potential win will be $150.
  • Fractional Odds: The European method of presenting odds is the fractional way. The numerator is the odd's value, while the base figure is the value of your wager. Multiply your stake by the numerator, and add your stake to the product. In that regard, a $5×4/1 wager will result in a win of $25.
  • American Odds: Betting the American way means you'll see negative and positive signs behind the odds. These types of Snooker odds denote the favourites with -odds and show the underdogs by the +odds. The minus sign odds represent how much you must bet to get a $100 profit, while the plus sign odds tell you what you get for wagering $100.

Live Betting on Snooker

Want to know if you should try live Snooker betting? Check out the benefits below, and start enjoying them by betting on live Snooker games.

  • Helps you bet on the likely occurrence: Truly, research is important. However, only a few things come close to watching the game and making betting decisions based on what you're seeing. If you'd rather take the safe route of betting on what is most likely, you should try live betting and see your wagers increase in accuracy.
  • Tailors your betting markets: Sometimes, betting on win-bets and other straightforward bets may be the wrong option. Live betting gives you insights and lets you choose the types of Snooker odds that favour your bet rather than just betting on a regular market.
  • Increases the fun: Betting on live Snooker games will bring more enjoyment to your betting experience. Live games are all about momentum. You can partake in the heat when you bet on a live fixture. You'll discover that live Snooker bets on GGBET, among other sites, add to the fun.

Snooker Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBET

When you join a Snooker betting site, you'll be given offers to facilitate your betting process. Below are some of the most popular bonuses you'll receive.

  • Cashback: You could be handed rebates when you wager on Snooker odds on some of the top sportsbooks. These cashback offers vary depending on the bookmaker. So ensure you get them before joining.
  • Deposit bonuses: Deposit bonuses could come in several ways, especially a deposit match. This could range from 20% to 100%. They always come with relative playthrough requirements, so put these into consideration when accepting any deposit bonus.
  • Free bets: You can also wager on Snooker for free whenever a bookmaker allows you to do so. GGBET does this seldomly, but that's more than most Snooker wagering sites can boast of. Ensure you're available whenever free bet vouchers are given out again.

How to Place a Snooker Bet on GGBET

To gamble on a Snooker betting site like GGBET, follow the steps laid out below.

  • Sign Up: Join GGBET by including your email, password, and other vital information requested. Remember to verify your new account so that you can move on to the next step.
  • Pump your account with funds: Make a deposit into your new betting account. On GGBET, this process is easy, and there are countless methods to do this. Choose one, and make the minimum deposit to receive the applicable bonuses.
  • Choose a fixture: Sail to the sports betting section and select Snooker. You'll see tournaments and fixtures with Snooker odds that you can bet on. Choose one —or multiple, depending on your preference— and place your money on it. Receive your payout as soon as your bet wins.

Snooker Betting Tips and Strategies

You can make your Snooker betting as fruitful as possible with the tips spelt out below. These tips are not 100% accurate, but will certainly improve your winning rate. They are:

  • Do your research: Doing some research is crucial before venturing into a Snooker bet. Some things to look out for are the players' previous records, H2H fixtures, and their median score whenever they play/. This can help you predict a match inch perfectly.
  • Watch Snooker: Watching Snooker is another important step to take if you want to win most of the Snooker odds you bet on. You'll understand the basics and know how to navigate the Snooker markets available better.
  • Don't take it too seriously: Having this mindset on your bets will enable you to make wiser betting decisions, which will, in turn, help you win more bets.

Customer Support on Snooker Betting

Should you need support on GGBET, there are three options you certainly won't use up before getting your solution. GGBET offers phone support, an email channel, and a live chat option. You can choose anyone that suits you, and table your complaints. Expect a solution as soon as you do this. Bet Snooker odds on GGBET today!