Overwatch Betting


Introduction to Overwatch Betting

Overwatch is a video game that centers around teamwork. This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game is regarded as one of the most excellent video games ever released. Blizzard Entertainment released this first-person shooter game in 2016 to widespread positive reviews.

Overwatch features several elements of a usual battle game, with maps, heroes, and whatnot. As you would expect from a top-notch game like Overwatch, there is also the eSports aspect. Overwatch eSports is one of the major eSports in the world, and it's no wonder that several bookmakers allow you to have your fill of Overwatch betting on their site. Let's dive into the excitement of this game.

Understanding Overwatch Gameplay

Players are to choose from a swath of heroes to play as. These heroes come in three categories: Damage Heroes, Tank Heroes, and Support Heroes. All have their function, and the players who control them attempt to use these functions to win the game. Six players are expected to be on each team, and it's always a team-versus-team affair. Different modes can be played in the eSport, like deathmatch, capture the flag, etc., expanding the options of Overwatch odds that you can bet on.

Types of Overwatch Bets

Before you place a bet on any Overwatch eSport fixture, you should first know the most popular types of bets and how they are won.

  • Outright Winner: The outright winner bet simply expects you to pick the team that will win a tournament. This Overwatch betting option is usually available before a tournament begins and withdrawn after it starts. You can select any of the teams you think will win and place your wager.
  • Match Winner: Rather than the winner of a tournament, match-winner or moneyline bets involve you choosing the winner of a fixture. For instance, in a fixture between Team X and Team O, you can choose either of the teams to defeat the other, and if this happens, you'll win your bet.
  • Handicap Bets: Handicap bets help you get more rewards in betting on your favourites. There is often more than one criterion for a handicap bet to be won. If those criteria are met, then you can expect your payout.
  • Map Winner: Maps are like rounds in eSports games, and you can select these types of Overwatch odds to increase your payout. Here, you're expected to choose the team that will win a particular map, after which payout follows —if your prediction is correct.
  • Total Maps: This type of bet calculates how many maps a specific team will win after the match. This bet is risky, but the reward is worth the risk. Ensure you do your due diligence before trying out this option.

Major Overwatch Tournaments and Leagues

Overwatch has several tournaments that bring the best players together. These tournaments also make bookmakers like GGBET increase the rewards of Overwatch betting on their sites. Check out some of the most important Overwatch tournaments.

  • Overwatch League: The Overwatch League is the most important tournament in the entire Overwatch community. Blizzard Entertainment organised this tournament yearly and had its first season in 2018. No wonder this tournament is as valuable as it is, with a prize pool of over $4 million. Twenty teams from North America, Europe, and Asia compete in this tournament to get the most of the prize money, and you can get your share, too, by wagering on Overwatch odds on GGBET.
  • Overwatch World Cup: This event is done yearly and organized by Blizzard Entertainment. The organizer selects and invites countries to participate in this tournament. These countries are segmented into groups where they must dig deep to qualify for the playoffs. Each country has its ammunition fully equipped with its best players and ready to fire off on all cylinders. You can surely join the fun by wagering on the World Cup when it returns in October 2023.

Overwatch Betting Odds

There are three ways to find Overwatch odds when you're ready to start wagering on its games. These odds are calculated differently, but make no mistake; they aren't difficult to understand. They are:

  • Decimal Odds: If you check most sportsbooks, you'll find their odds written in this format. They're the easiest to understand and calculate. They're presented in decimal format and require you to multiply your stake by it. If you wager $10 on 2.00 odds, you'll get $20.
  • Fractional Odds: To get the potential payout on this kind of odd, multiply your stake and the numerator and add the product to the initial stake. $10×2/1 = 20+10 (initial wager). Your potential payout will be $30. These types of odds are mostly found in British bookies.
  • American Odds: American odds are calculated using the basis of $100. They're presented with the plus and minus sign. The minus sign shows the favourite and tells you what you must wager to get an extra $100. The plus sign bet shows the underdogs and tells you what you will get if you wager $100 on Overwatch betting odds. The plus sign bets are usually more rewarding but are less likely to happen.

Live Betting on Overwatch

Why should you do live Overwatch betting? If you still need some convincing, allow us to do so. Surely, after this section, you'll be waiting for the games to start so you can wager on them.

  • Better Analysis: Betting on live games means that your observations of the match will be more accurate since you're doing it while the game is live. You can expect that you'll get your winnings more consistently with more precise analysis.
  • Quicker Withdrawal: If you bet on live Overwatch odds, the duration of your bet to the payout will be shortened drastically. Rather than place your bet days or minutes before a match kicks off, doing it while the game is on means you'll get your winnings almost immediately after you make the wager.
  • Cashout Options: Live games give live cashouts too. By wagering on a live fixture, you'll get to click the cashout button as soon as things turn south. If you're on hand to take it, you'll surely get the best cashout possible and reduce your losses.

Overwatch Betting Promotions and Bonuses

Join GGBET and other top-tier Overwatch betting platforms, and you'll be replenished with exotic offers and bonuses. These bonuses come in several ways, like:

  • Welcome Bonus: A welcome bonus has the benefit of helping newbies settle at the bookmaker they registered on. Welcome bonuses are given out on most sites, with the majority of them coming as deposit matches, cashback options, etc.
  • Deposit Matches: When you deposit on a platform like GGBET, your deposit will be given back to you in relative measures. This could be around 50% to as high as 100%, depending on the site. You can use this extra money to wager on Overwatch odds and win.
  • Free Bets: Another type of bonus you can access on Overwatch sites is free bets. Free bets often come without warning. There's nothing better than a pleasant surprise to begin your betting. These bets also usually have wagering requirements, so be sure to check out the sites before joining.

How to Place an Overwatch Bet

To place a bet on an Overwatch betting site, follow the subsequent steps.

  • Register: Before you are allowed to wager on Overwatch fixtures, you first have to join a betting site. Fortunately, joining GGBET is easy and requires only a few basic information.
  • Fund your account: Deposit some money into your betting account. Make sure you meet the minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus offers.
  • Bet on Overwatch fixtures: Navigate to the eSports segment and choose “Overwatch.” You'll often see tournaments and matches to pick from. Select the Overwatch odds you want to bet on, input the amount, and click ‘bet.”

Overwatch Betting Tips and Strategies

If you want to increase your Overwatch betting win rate, you can do so by following the tips below and bagging consistent wins.

  • Vet the teams and players: Check out every statistic about the teams and players you're betting on. A few pointers are H2H, previous matches, match scores, etc. These will nudge you in the right direction to bet on.
  • Bet on the favourites: The favourites often offer lesser rewards but are more reliable than Overwatch odds that favour the underdogs. Especially as a newbie, it is advisable to just side with the most favoured side.
  • Use a budget: Mapping out your budget and sticking to it is one sure way to keep your bankroll in play, giving you more chances to play bets.

Customer Support for Overwatch Betting

On GGBET, you can table your feedback in various ways: phone lines, email, and live chat. Any of these three are effective, and the agents efficiently cater to your needs. You can make complaints or inquiries, and rest assured that you'll get a quick solution. The best option for Overwatch wagering is GGBET. Bet on Overwatch at GGBET today!