NBA 2K Betting


Introduction to NBA 2K18 Betting

NBA 2K18 gives you the opportunity to control your favourite NBA stars. This time, you don't only have to watch them on TV but use them to make plays, dunks, and, of course, three-pointers. The game was created by Visual Concepts in 2017 as the successor of NBA 2K17 and was the last game of the franchise that was playable on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

What makes this game more interesting is the eSports segment and the several tournaments that allow you to participate in NBA 2K18 betting and wagering. In this article, we'll check out the ins and outs of placing NBA 2K18 bets.

Understanding NBA 2K18 Gameplay

If you think this game is anything like real NBA matches, you're spot on. Everything that players can do on the basketball court can be done with the controls of gamepads. Two teams controlled by two players hit the court to showcase their gaming prowess.

As is done in the NBA, the team with the most points after the fourth quarter or overtime wins the game. You'll find that players can make two and three points just like the real players, and injuries also occur. Basically, betting on NBA 2K18 odds is like betting on a real NBA game.

Types of NBA 2K18 Bets

NBA 2K18 has many types of bets available. Different betting sites showcase these betting markets, and you can select from any of them to satisfy your NBA 2K18 betting appetite.

  • Match Winner: Choose the player who will win a game and get paid out if that happens. These players use teams of their choice and control the proceedings of such teams. Remember to consider the team the player is using before placing a bet.
  • Total Bets: You can decide to go for the Over/Under bet on NBA 2K18 odds instead. You'll see something like Over/Under 200 points. If the cumulative points of the two teams are more than 200, that's an Over 200 points win, while less than 200 points win the Under 200 bet.
  • Even/Odd number bet: This one is not as popular as the rest, but it's still significant. It means that the total points at the end of the match will either be an even or odd number. For instance, a cumulative of 150 points wins the even number bet, while that of 155 points wins the odds number bet.
  • Handicap Bets: Handicaps mean the teams are given increased criteria to win a bet. For instance, a handicap bet may require a win and a margin of ten points to win a bet. If that team wins but has only a five-point margin, you'll lose. Handicap bets increase the odds and payout of wagering on favourites.

Major NBA 2K18 Tournaments and Leagues

This game has some tournaments that are exciting to watch and facilitate NBA 2K betting. We'll check out some of these tournaments in this section.

  • NBA 2K League: This league is the apogee of NBA 2K gaming and features several gamers vying for the best player crown and the winner's prize. Players in this tournament generally use NBA teams, while some are allowed to create custom teams. The players compete over the course of a season until the winner emerges. You can catch these games on ESPN, YouTube, and Twitch.
  • NBA 2K League 3v3 SLAM Open: This tournament is a unique 3v3 competition where players get to compete with each other in teams instead of individually. The event is a part of the Coinbase Blacktop Series and is certainly another top event for NBA 2k 18 players to show their skills. This tournament consists of 25 players and provides good NBA 2K18 odds to bet on GGBET.

NBA 2K18 Betting Odds

To bet on NBA 2K18, you must understand how the odds are presented. Fortunately, it's not physics and can be understood briefly. They are:

  • Decimal Odds: If you check GGBET and other top bookmakers, you notice that their NBA 2K18 odds are in the decimal format. They're the easiest to understand and require only a multiplication of the stake and the odds. Meaning your stake of $50 on 2.00 odds will give you $100.
  • American Odds: These odds come with a plus or minus sign behind them. The (-) odds show how much you need to bet to get $100, while the (+) odds show how much you'll get for a $100 bet. For instance, a -200 odd means that to get an extra $100, you must stake $200. On the other hand, a +300 odd means that you need to bet $100 to get $300.
  • Fractional Odds: These are easy to calculate. To get the odd value, divide the numerator by the denominator and add one. For instance, a 12/5 odd is (2.4 + 1) = 3.4. You can calculate your NBA 2K18 betting potential payout by multiplying your stake by the result.

Live Betting on 2K18

Wagering on live games is one way to heighten your betting experience. However, there are also other benefits that you can get while doing NBA 2K18 betting live.

  • In-game analysis: Analyzing a match before it starts is important. But what's better is doing it while it's live. You'll be exposed to things you won't have seen before the game started, and it goes without saying that this will affect your bets positively.
  • Increase your understanding of NBA 2K18: More live betting will make you familiarized with the tactics and markets available in NBA 2K18. This will prepare you to make better choices on NBA 2K18 odds, whether live or pre-game.
  • More thrills: If you opt for live betting, you'll be exposed to more excitement when betting on NBA 2K18. Given that the games are based on player momentum, you'll find your selections at the threshold of winning or otherwise. This makes it even more interesting than other types of betting.

NBA 2K18 Betting Promotions and Bonuses

One thing is certain when doing NBA 2K18 betting, you'll get bonuses. Whether this bonus comes for new players or already existing ones depends on the site. Here are some bonuses you'll find on typical NBA 2K18 bookies.

  • Deposit Matches: On most sites, deposit matches are the welcome bonuses. They usually require you to make a deposit or several deposits. They could range from as low as 20% to 100% on top-tier casinos.
  • Free Bets: Sites like GGBET, for instance, surprise their players with spontaneous bonuses that have little to no requirements. Make sure you stick around to claim them as soon as they arrive.
  • Cashback: Cashbacks are also important bonuses that NBA 2K18 players can get. When you wager on NBA 2K18 odds, you may be rebuffed with a portion of your stake, for bonus' sake.

How to Place an NBA 2K18 Bet

Placing an NBA 2K18 bet can be done as soon as you satisfy some criteria. These criteria are easy to meet. They are:

  • Join a sportsbook: GGBET requires you to input your email, password, and a few other details. This is as simple as it gets registering on any bookmaker.
  • Fund your NBA 2K18 betting account: Check the minimum deposit on any sportsbook you choose, and fund your account with it. By doing this, you'll be eligible for any bonus available to you.
  • Check the markets: Go to the eSports section and pick NBA 2K18 as your preferred option. Check the games and choose anyone that piques your interest.
  • Confirm your bet: The final step is to confirm that you're betting on the NBA 2K18 odds you chose. As soon as you do this, your bet will be made.

NBA 2K18 Betting Tips and Strategies

Check out our tips for betting on NBA 2K18 odds, and winning more consistently.

  • Vet the player you're betting on: You should check the players' previous matches, Head-to-head fixtures, form, and wins. This will give you a peek into what could happen in the games you want to bet on.
  • Watch NBA: The game is only a simulation of the real league. If you watch NBA and NBA 2K18 betting games, you'll be well-versed in its gameplay and can accurately anticipate occurrences.
  • Use a budget: Doing this will allow you to manage your bankroll well. Spontaneous betting is detrimental to your strategy. However, by setting a budget, you'll be prevented from betting on a whim.

Customer Support for NBA 2K18 Betting

You'll be pleased to know that the GGBET site offers you a three-way support channel. These three routes are email, live chat, and phone lines. Through the phone lines, you can talk to a customer agent and make your voice heard. The email channel is also a traditional route where you can give your feedback. Finally, GGBET allows you to drop your complaints or inquiries at any moment with the round-the-clock live chat. We assure you that you won't need this as GGBET has the best services for any sportsbook.