MMA Betting


Introduction to MMA Betting

MMA is one of the biggest and fastest-growing combat sports in the world. With over 400 million fans from all over the globe, the MMA ranks as the third most popular sport in the world. MMA combines fighting styles from Boxing, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Karate and many other martial arts. This makes it one of the most engaging martial arts sports in the world. This article will discuss all that MMA entails as well as how you can earn by placing bets on the sports at GGBET.

How Does MMA Work?

The rules and goals of MMA fighting are simple and straightforward. The MMA is a full-contact combat sport with three judges who award points based on the performance of the fighters. Matches can also be won through other ways such as Knockout, TKO, Forfeit and many more. There are no restrictions on fighting techniques to be used by fighters, although there are a number of illegal actions that fighters cannot perform during a fight. For example, small joint manipulation, intentionally breaking bones, and stomping are strictly forbidden in MMA.

Types of MMA Bets

Across sports bookmarkers, it is not uncommon to see varying MMA odds and markets on offer. However, these are some of the best betting markets provided by GGBET:

Matchwinner Bets

These constitute the most common bet types in MMA fighting. Matchwinner bets involve selecting the fighter you predict to win the match. This betting market is not affected by the scores or method of winning, making it one of the least risky markets in MMA betting.

Total Bets

Total bets are one of the most popular bet types in MMA betting. They are usually in the form of Over/Under Bets. They involve betting on the total number of rounds to be witnessed during a fight. For example, an Over 5.5 rounds bet would mean the duration of the match will be past the half-time of the 5th round.

Future Bets

Future bets are one of the most popular MMA bet types on GGBET. With this bet, you can place bets on fighters to win entire events and tournaments. For example, you can place a future bet on Strickland to win the UFC middleweight title.

Major MMA Tournaments and Competitions

GGBET offers the most profitable MMA odds on the biggest MMA tournaments in the world. Here are some of the best competitions to look out for while placing MMA bets on GGBET:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Founded in 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has since become the biggest MMA competition in the world. There are over 10 classes for the fighters. You can be sure to become familiar with classes like the Light Heavyweight class, the Lightweight class, the Flyweight class, the Middleweight class and the Heavyweight class, among others. The UFC is the stage where some of the biggest live actions occur in the world of MMA!

Bellator MMA

The Bellator Fighting Championship (BFC) is an American-based mixed martial arts competition. The competition was founded in 2008 and is now ranked as the second-best MMA promotion in the world. Bellator MMA has a total of 9 weight classes for fighting. Two of these weight classes are for women. Bellator MMA tournaments last about 3 months. There is also a month's break between the opening rounds and the finals.

One Championship

The One Championship, also known as the One Fighting Championship, is a Singapore-based MMA promotion organisation, founded in 2011. The contest also offers some of the best MMA odds for placing MMA bets on GGBET. It is the leading MMA promotion in all of Asia. With over 400 million worldwide viewers, it has witnessed some of the biggest MMA events in the world unravel.

Types of MMA Odds

There are three ways in which bookmakers can present odds for placing bets on MMA. These odds formats can be any of the following:

  • American Odds: This method is the most popular odds format in North America. Here, bookmakers present odds based on how much you can win on a $100 bet. The underdogs are given the plus sign (+). Meanwhile, the fighter favoured to win is given the negative sign (-). American odds are the most common method of presenting MMA odds.
  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are the most common method of presenting odds in Europe. This format presents odds using decimal figures. The fighter likely to win is given lower odds than the underdogs of the match. The potential return is calculated by multiplying the odds by the stake on the bet.
  • Fractional Odds: Most popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland, fractional odds are one of the major ways of presenting odds. Although not as common as the other two, fractional odds are still being used all over the world. As the name implies, fractional odds are presented in the form of fractions. The numerator of the fraction represents the potential return on the stake. While the denominator represents the amount to stake to get that potential return.

Live MMA Betting On GGBET

Betting live on MMA matches is one of the best ways to earn on GGBET. Below are a few reasons why you should definitely try placing live MMA bets:

  • Adaptability: Adaptability and flexibility are some of the many advantages of placing live MMA bets on GGBET. With live betting, you can effectively react to unforeseen changes and circumstances. This helps reduce the losses incurred while placing bets on GGBET.
  • Better Odds: Betting live on GGBET can allow you to gain access to better MMA odds. This is because the odds constantly change during the course of the game. Live betting allows bettors to use this to their advantage and place better bets with higher odds
  • Increase in Profit: Live betting does not only mitigate losses but also helps in increasing the profit made while placing MMA bets on GGBET. Live betting gives you access to some tactical insights and edges that can help you place better and more profitable MMA bets on GGBET.

MMA Betting Bonuses and Promotions on GGBET

GGBET has some of the best bonuses and promotions for placing MMA bets. These are provided to lure new customers in, while keeping the existing ones hooked.

  • Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus is the most popular bonus offered by GGBET for betting on MMA fights. This bonus grants new users a 100% matching bonus on their initial deposit. Users can receive as much as $200 as a welcome bonus from GGBET.
  • Insurance Bonus: The insurance bonus helps users reduce the losses they make while placing MMA bets on GGBET. This bonus gives partial payments to bettors on bets despite losing the bet concerned. This is one of the best bonuses in MMA betting.
  • Free Bets: GGBET free bets bonus allows you to place MMA bets on GGBET without using your money. This bonus provides free funds for placing bets, allowing bettors to bet without the risk of losing personal funds.

How to Get Started with MMA Betting on GGBET

Getting started on GGBET is a seamless process. These are the few steps to follow to start placing MMA bets on GGBET:

  • Register an account on the GGBET app or website
  • Click on "Deposit" and make payment through any of the provided payment methods
  • Receive your welcome bonus after completing your first deposit
  • Scroll to the Sports section and select MMa
  • Select any of the available MMA games
  • Choose your preferred MMA odds and markets
  • Input the amount you want to stake
  • Confirm your bet!

Tips and Strategies for Placing MMA Bets On GGBET

Walking home with a huge smile after an MMA betting session is easier than you think. Here are a few tips to ensure you make profits on MMA betting:

  • Budget Management: Budget management is a crucial and often unspoken part of making profits from MMA bets on GGBET. It is important to avoid placing huge bets to recover previous losses. This can affect betting budgets and ultimately lead to budget-wrecking losses.
  • Make your Research: Making research is very important in making profits from MMA bets on GGBET. It is important to know the MMA odds and markets you wish to bet on. It is also important to consider stats and previous matches of fighters before placing bets.
  • Follow Expert Tips: Following expert tips can help you place more profitable MMA bets on GGBET. This is because professional and expert tips, although not always correct, are usually very helpful in making betting analyses.

Customer Support

GGBET offers three major support channels for making complaints on MMA betting. These are:

  • 24/7 Live Chat: With this feature, users can have their complaints attended to instantly and effectively via an automated chatroom.
  • Support Emails: Customers who are still not satisfied can easily send their complaints to the support email provided on the GGBET website.
  • Hotlines: Users can contact GGBET personnel directly with the hotlines based on the telephone codes of the countries they are reaching out from.

GGBET is the best place to place bets with some of the best bonuses and promotions for MMA betting. So, sign up on GGBET today to get started!