Heroes of the Storm Betting


Introduction to Heroes of the Storm Betting

Heroes of the Storm is a unique game because it features crossover characters and battlegrounds. This game was created by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2015. It features loose characterizations and locations from other games like Overwatch, StarCraft, etc. Among the alluring factors of this game is Heroes of the Storm betting, done on many sites and top bookmakers. It allows you to partake in the action just like the players. This piece will explore what wagering on Heroes of the Storm entails.

Understanding Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

This multiplayer game poses no difficulty and is easy to understand. It involves five players each in two teams. Each player controls a character, also known as Hero, and the aim is to destroy the opponent's Hero and their core structure. This core structure is dubbed the "King's Core." The team that destroys their rival's King's Core first wins the game. Now you know what to look out for when wagering on Heroes of the Storm odds.

Types of Heroes of the Storm Bets

Betting on Heroes of the Storm matches gives you a variety you'll relish when you use them. Some of the most popular Heroes of the Storm betting markets you'll find are:

  • First Blood: The target of each team and player is to kill the opponent's hero. However, who will do this first? That's what this bet is all about. First blood requires you to pick the team or player that will draw the first blood, that is, kill the opponent's hero first. If your pick is correct, your bet will be won.
  • Map Winner: This bet covers only a specific map, not the entire game. When a round is being played, the winner of that round wins that map. If it happens, you can take advantage of this by predicting who will win a round/map and claim your payout.
  • Match Winner: This one refers to the whole game. Whoever wins the match wins this bet. If your match-winner bet choice is anything other than the winner, you will lose your bet. However, if your Heroes of the Storm odds pick was correct, you'll win.
  • Handicap Bets: This one increases the rewards of betting on the favourites. A handicap bet often has more than one criterion to satisfy. For instance, a handicap bet may require a team to win and do so by a certain margin. If only one of those criteria happens, the bet will still be lost.

Major Heroes of the Storm Tournaments and Leagues

Heroes of the Storm has significantly less prize money than other eSports. However, the competitions are nothing short of entertaining. Let's check out the best tournaments where you can test out your Heroes of the Storm betting expertise.

  • Community Clash League: The Community Clash League started in 2019 and had its most recent season in 2022. This tournament has a prize pool of $60,000, with a participation of eight teams. It has a group stage before two stages of playoffs are played. The grand finals follow, a best-of-seven affair between the two qualifying teams. The winner takes home the majority of the prize pool.
  • Master Clash Championship: This tournament is held in Paris and features several Heroes of the Storm teams competing for the $12,000 prize pool. Small, right? Yes! However, this doesn't reduce the fun you get from wagering on its games. It is regarded as a Tier 1 tournament. Meaning, you can wager on Heroes of the Storm odds and expect good winnings.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Odds

When you're ready to bet on Heroes of the Storm odds, you'll find that they're presented in different ways. Before you start counting your potential winnings, here's a breakdown of the odds.

  • Fractional Odds: Fractional odds are shown using numerators and denominators. The numerator shows the potential payout, while the denominator is equivalent to the wager. To get your potential payout, divide the numerator by the base number and add one; 5/2 + 1 = 3.5. Then, multiply your wager by this figure: $10×3.5. Your potential payout is $35.
  • American Odds: American Odds is one of the ways odds are presented for Heroes of the Storm betting. Everything in this type of odds is done on the backdrop of $100. For instance, the odds with a negative sign (+) show how much you'll get when you stake $100, while the (-) odds show what you need to stake to get $100. A +500 odds means you'll get $500 for a $100, while a -250 shows that to get $100, you must wager $250.
  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are popular on many sites and are the ones you'll see on most sportsbooks like GGBET. These odds are the simplest to use because they require only simple multipliers. For example, if you wager $200 on a bet of 2.00, you'll get $400 as your potential winnings.

Live Betting on Heroes of the Storm

We believe there are many reasons why you should consider live Heroes of the Storm betting and live markets. That's what we'll discuss in this section.

  • Fluctuating Odds: Check out the odds before the game and during the game, and you'll discover that it has either reduced or increased. This is because the game momentum may shift, and the odds may move. Live betting ensures you're on hand to grab higher odds as soon as they're available.
  • Better Analysis: When you make your betting decision based on what is happening in the game, you're most likely to make the better choice. Live betting allows you to choose your Heroes of the Storm odds when the game is on, and if you carefully do this, you'll increase your chances of more winnings.
  • Live Cashout: In the instance that things don't go as planned, a live cashout option will help you mitigate your losses. Live betting puts you on standby to hit the cashout button as soon as it appears. Remember, the cashout on a losing game reduces every minute, so you can immediately click it if you see the icon.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Promotions and Bonuses

Another alluring factor of this game is the bonuses you get for joining a site that gives you Heroes of the Storm betting odds. Some of these bonuses are stunning, depending on the site. GGBET, for instance, boasts several exciting odds.

  • Welcome bonus: As soon as you join the site and deposit, you'll be given back a portion of your deposit to play more Heroes of the Storm matches. These deposit matches usually start from 100%, giving you the chance to wager without risking too much.
  • Free bets: You can get free bets when you join GGBET. This bonus is always unannounced. However, they are rewarding whenever they come, as they have lukewarm playthrough requirements. You must be a loyal customer to grab this bonus, so try to bet on Heroes of the Storm odds regularly.
  • Reload Bonuses: Existing Heroes of the Storm players are not left out of the fun, as they can get reload bonuses regularly. By logging into the site and depositing some money into your betting account, you'll be able to grab any reload bonus that rears its head any day of the week.

How to Place a Heroes of the Storm Bet

We know you're excited to try your hand at Heroes of the Storm betting, and we won't attempt to stop you. But first, you have to follow these steps.

  • Register: Join any good betting site like GGBET. You'll only need a few deets like your email address, password, name, phone number, etc. Remember to confirm your account to activate it.
  • Fund your betting account: The next step is to disburse some money into your betting account. Go to the cashier on the bookmarker platform and fill in your bank details. When you do this, you'll be credited with your bankroll almost immediately.
  • Place a bet: Choose any team and place a wager on the Heroes of the Storm odds of your choice.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Tips and Strategies

While most of the markets are straightforward, things may not always go as expected. The tips enlisted below will guide you to more Heroes of the Storm betting wins. Some things you should do are:

  • Learn the basics of the game
  • Research on the teams and players involved
  • Watch the Heroes of the Storm fixtures
  • Bet on the most likely Heroes of the Storm odds

Customer Support for Heroes of the Storm Betting

GGBET allows you to reach them in three ways: phone, email, and live chat. These three methods are effective for you to lodge your complaints or give feedback. Moreover, the live chat option is available every moment to get through to the agents, even at midnight. And there goes your sign to bet on Heroes of the Storm at GGBET!