Handball Betting


Introduction to Handball Betting

Handball may not be one of the most popular sports in the world. However, it has developed a loyal support base through its unique playing style and a host of talented and exciting players and teams. The sport has also emerged as one of the sports that gamblers love to bet on, and that could include you. GGBET, among other betting platforms, has ensured that you can always get easy access to handball fixtures and tournaments. In this article, we'll scout the handball betting community and how to go about it.

Types of Handball Bet

Betting on handball odds is easy and straight to the point. However, understanding the various markets in the category is key to succeeding in it. Below are some of the most important ones you can bet on.

  • Match Winner: A handball match involves two teams trying to outscore the opponent to win the game. This bet requires you to choose which of the two teams will defeat the other team by outscoring them. If you successfully do this, be sure to receive your payout.
  • Tournament Winner: There are several leagues and tournaments that handball players compete in. These tournaments always end with a winner, and your duty in this betting category is to choose who will win the tournament. You'll probably have to make your prediction before the tournament begins to secure your chances of winning the bet.
  • Total Bets: Also known as Over/Under bet, you'll have to select whether the total goals in a match will be over or under a certain range. This range could be 2.5. Betting the “over' bet on this range means that at least three goals must be scored. The “under” option, however, means that the match must produce less than three goals or you'll lose your bet.
  • Handicap: This type of handball betting increases the incentives of betting on the favourites. By increasing the requirements for the teams to satisfy, the odds of betting on them will increase, and give you a higher payout if you win.
  • Prop Bets: If you're not one for predicting a game, here's your best option. Prop bets bring options that are not central to the game. You'll find bets like team-to-score range, highest goal score, and many other types of bets.

Major Handball Leagues and Events

Handball tournaments are plenty and available for your betting satisfaction on GGBET. But, which of these tournaments should you look out for?

  • IHF World Championship: This tournament is organized by the International Handball Federation, and serves as the premier event for international handball. It involves 32 teams vying for the world crown and therefore brings premium competition from the teams involved. You should also try betting on these handball odds on GGBET as they're always high, owing to the performance of the teams and turn up of players for this tournament.
  • Liga ASOBAL: The Spanish handball league boasts one of the most interesting and competitive handball tournaments in the world. This tournament features 16 teams, and you'll hear of clubs like FC Barcelona in the competition. The winner of this competition is the one who gathers the most points throughout the season. You can wager on reliable handball teams like FC Barcelona to get winnings.
  • Handball Bundesliga: This tournament is the German export of handball, and assures you of the finest competition. It comprises 18 clubs, giving you a variety of options to choose from when betting on handball odds. There are several reliable and popular teams here, so you can choose from any of them to place your money on.

Handball Betting Odds

Before doing handball betting on any fixture, one thing you must do is learn how the odds are presented. That's what this segment is all about.

  • Fractional Odds: The value of fractional betting odds lies in the numerator, given that it is the multiplier. When you've multiplied the wager with the numerator, add the product to the initial stake. In that regard, a $20 x 3/1 handball betting odd will give you $70.
  • American Odds: To understand this type of handball odds, calculate it on the backdrop of a $100. The negative (-) odds represent how much you must wager to get an additional $100, while the positive odds (+) show how much wagering $100 will give you.
  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are found on most betting sites due to their simplicity. You only have to multiply your stake by the odds. Staking $50 on 2.00 odds will give a $100. You'll find this type of handball odds on GGBET and other legit sportsbooks.

Live Betting on Handball

Deciding whether or not to do live handball betting may be difficult. We'd love to help you make up your mind and start betting on live handball fixtures. Here's why.

  • Real-Time analysis: Analyzing a match in progress gives you some edge in your understanding of the fixture. While the game is on, you'll be able to grasp things you won't have, if you placed a bet before the game started.
  • Better Odds: You can take advantage of the fluctuation of handball odds when a match is live. If you do this, you'll be able to place your bet when the odds are highest and get the best of the payout.
  • More Interesting: Betting becomes more exciting as soon as you wager on live games. Check around the sportsbook for live handball fixtures and bet on them. The momentum of the game will amplify your experience, and keep you betting on live games.

Handball Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBET

GGBET gives you a good experience betting on handball odds on its site. The platform offers you good bonuses to keep you coming. Some of them are:

  • Cashback: Placing a bet on GGBET doesn't mean that you have to part with all your money. Handball betting on this platform can be done with a wager cut. Meaning, you could get back a part of any money you wager with this bet.
  • Reload Bonuses: When you start betting on handball fixtures regularly on GGBET, you could receive weekly or regular bonuses. These bonuses often require a deposit to become functional. However, this makes them all the more valuable.
  • Free Wagers: One more perk of handball betting on GGBET is that your loyalty could get you free bets. Before you can become eligible, you must register on the site, deposit, and place some bets. You'll receive a free wager when you don't even expect it.

How to Place a Handball Bet on GGBET

To begin wagering on handball odds, you'll have to follow a few steps. They're easy and should cause you no stress.

  • Sign Up: Join GGBET by providing your email, password, and other required information. Also, remember to verify your account to activate it.
  • Fund your account: Go to the cashier and choose your best deposit method. Then, you should satisfy the deposit minimum to receive the bonuses.
  • Place a Bet: After your deposit, you should have enough money for handball betting. Go to the handball market and choose the fixtures you'll love to wager on. Place your bet!

Handball Betting Tips and Strategies

Below are a few tips you can apply to your handball betting to increase your chances of winning.

  • Watch Handball: Select some handball games that seem interesting and watch them. By doing this, you will get familiar with the sport, and make better decisions when betting on them.
  • Do your research: Check out the teams you're betting on. Ensure that they're the right teams to place your money on, while also making sure that you wager them on the correct handball odds.
  • Stick to a Budget: This is one of the ways to keep your bankroll active as it prevents you from spontaneous betting. Using a budget will help you stick to your betting plan, and therefore maintain your winning levels.
  • Stick with the favourites: Betting on the favourites increases your chances of raking in consistent wins. Though this may reduce the payout option, it will allow you to win more frequently.

Customer Support for Handball Betting

Wagering on handball markets is easy on GGBET. However, if you need support, contacting the customer service is as easy as ABC. The support options are as follows.

  • Phone Support: The phone support is available and effective should you prefer talking directly to an agent. This route is effective as it allows the opportunity to speak to a customer agent one-on-one.
  • Email: You can also try the more formal email route. Your request will be treated with the utmost priority and reverence, and you can be sure that you'll get a solution.
  • Live Chat: Lastly, the live chat option is open 24/7 and waiting for you to lodge your complaints. Do this and get feedback as soon as possible.

The customer support options are effective, and you'll get attention and solutions as soon as you need them. This is why GGBET is the best option for your handball betting!