Fortnite Betting


Fortnite Betting: An Overview

The 2017 video game Fortnite is currently one of the most popular eSports games ever. Among other competitive virtual games, the game ranks among the top ten. Fortnite's developer makes the software available to PCs, gaming consoles, and smartphones. As a competitive game, Fortnite hosts tournaments that offer reward pools of millions of dollars.

These tournaments turned the necks of popular eSports casinos, giving room for the emergence of Fortnite betting. Currently, tons of eSport betting sites offer bets on Fortnite matches and tournaments. At GGBET, we offer competitive odds on Fortnite games with the best bonus deals in the betting market.

How does Fortnite Work?

To engage in Fortnite betting, it is only proper to understand how the game works. The battle royale game is a combination of battling, building protection towers, and surviving a dangerous environment. The game operates in a manner that the last man standing wins. Players in the game can agree to go solo, in twos, or team up.

Teams consist of a maximum of 4 players. The survival takes place in several locations, which can be changed to different seasons of the year. Higher weapons are to be searched for in the map, and they increase the winning potential of a player or squad. To make the game more exciting, the game incorporates a safe zone, which reduces as the game progresses.

Fortnite Betting Options

Fortnite games have several features that gambling sites highlight as Fortnite betting options. Most eSports casinos, such as GGBET, offer the following betting options:

  • Prop betting: This form of betting has no effect on the results of the game. It includes bets such as "Who will be the top three players left standing before the final?", "The player to make the first kill", etc.
  • Moneyline or Match Winner Bet: This is considered an easy bet in Fortnite betting. However, it offers the least profitable odds when a stronger team is paired with a very weak team. Let's assume you bet on Team Alpha to win the match against Team Better. You will win the bet if Team A wins the match.
  • Outright Winner: This bet option is confused with the Moneyline bet type. The bet involves analyzing the teams in a tournament or series and selecting the team with the potential of winning the tournament. If the team wins the tournament, the bettor receives high rewards.

Featured Fortnite Tournaments and Series

Each day, countless Fortnite competitions are held by different groups. Most casinos that offer Fortnite odds are restricted to only globally recognized Fortnite games to prevent manipulation of results. These top tournaments and series include:

  • Solo Cash Cup: This series was launched in 2019 and is still hosted by Epic Games. This is a weekly tournament where players have a chance to battle for cash rewards. Usually, the Solo Cash Cup is held for 10 consecutive weeks.
  • Champions Series:The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is the most popular league of the Fortnite community. The FCNS is hosted by each region of the world. The target of each team is to win the Grand Finale match and claim the highest reward.
  • Fortnite World Cup: This tournament is the ultimate Fortnite as it offers the highest cash reward of the year. The tournament begins with 100 players and ends with 12 players battling for the highest point to win the largest share of the prize.

Forms of Fortnite Odds

Odds come in three forms. Fortnite odds can be shown at any Esports gambling website as the following:

  • Fractional Odds: This odds type is widely used in the United Kingdom and Ireland to easily represent the gambler's gain. This type of odds is displayed in this format: Gain/Stakes. For example, 3/1 implies that $1 is the stake to win $3.
  • Decimal Odds: This is a new form of odds that was introduced with online gambling. Currently, it is dominantly used by many gambling websites. It appears as a decimal digit, e.g. 3.45, 1.23, 8.33, etc. To calculate the odds, simply multiply the amount you bet by the odds. For example, You place $40 that a player makes the first kill, and the odds for that option is 3.56. Your potential take-home is $142.4.
  • American Odds: At first sight, the name implies it is for the American bet market. This odd format is indicated by a plus (+) or negative(-) sign before the numeric figure. e.g. -179, +280. Let's imagine you select -179 for a team to win a match. To take home $100 as a gain, you have to stake $179. On the contrary, you will win $280 if you bet $100 on +280 American odds.

Live Betting on Fortnite Games and Its Reward

Live Fortnite betting or In-play betting is the newest form of betting on Fortnite. It allows gamblers to bet as the Fortnite game is being played. The type of betting allows for heightened excitement as the gamblers place bets.

Live Betting is considered the best betting option for the following reasons:

  • Bet Hedging: When a gambler has placed a previous wager that appears to lead to a loss, live bets allow the gambler to place bets on more guaranteed Fortnite odds. This helps mitigate bet losses and increases the bettor's gain.
  • Increased Gambling Excitement: Most experienced punters do not bet for the money. They bet for the thrill of the bet, What makes a true gambler's heart pound other than a high-risk game? Live bets bring the risk that makes bettors excited.
  • Provision of accurate information: Rather than place bets on risky Fortnite odds without proper knowledge of the team's performance, live bets provide gamblers with real-time accurate information. This, in exchange, will aid the bettor in making more sure bets.
  • Creates more props bet: Most Fortnite live bets present to bettors new in-game bet options that do not necessarily appear during a regular bet. These prop bets are usually shown with higher odds.

Fortnite Bet Bonuses Available at GGBET

Fortnite betting casinos always give their users some incentives as a means of creating a loyal customer base. At GGBET, they offer the most lucrative bonuses in the gambling business. Some of these bonuses include:

  • Deposit Bonus: This bonus type requires that the bettor fund his account within a specified amount range. Upon deposit, the casino rewards the gambler with a certain percentage. This percentage is often between 100% -300%.
  • Welcome Bonus: This type of bonus is given to new gamblers after joining the GGBET platform. The bonus is pegged at $1500. The welcome bonus GGBET offers is activated by depositing into the gambler's account.

Placing Fortnite Bets at GGBET Esports Casino

To learn how to place stakes against Fortnite odds requires no special skill. The following steps serve as a simple guide to help new and existing bettors place stakes at GGBET.

  • Create a betting account at GGBET and verify the account or log in if you are an existing GGBET bettor.
  • Send some betting funds to the gambling wallet.
  • Search for the Esports betting section and navigate to the Fortnite game segment.
  • After analyzing the game, select the Fortnite odds you wish you stake against.
  • Fix the amount you can stake in the specified box.
  • Verify the bet you are placing
  • Click “enter”, and that is a successful bet placement.

Tips for winning Fortnite bets

Since you know how to place bets, you may want to jump right into the betting market. Hold up! Fortnite betting should not be played unless you have some tricks up your sleeves. Here are some tricks you can use to begin betting:

  • Know the essentials of the Fortnite game.
  • Never spend all you have on one bet.
  • Learn to hedge bets.
  • Bet only on casinos that offer high Fortnite odds.
  • Bet on live Fortnite matches.
  • Follow Fortnite updates.

GGBET Customer Assistance for Fortnite Gamblers

When betting, technical and funding issues may arise, among other issues. As a way of offering solutions to Fortnite betting issues, GGBET utilizes the following channels to ensure swift response:

  • Telephone call: This requires the bettor to directly communicate issues to GGBET client agents over a call. As simple as this sounds, this channel incurs some charges, which will be paid by the customer.
  • In-built Online Chat: On the GGBET webpage, there is a little chat symbol that is at the bottom of the screen. Selecting this symbol will direct you to a chat where an agent can be informed about the challenge(s).
  • Mail: Got a knack for formal communication? This medium allows you to send electronic mail. This mail will be replied to upon receipt. This mode may take longer compared to others.

The eSport casino, GGBET, does not only serve as an avenue to place stakes against Fortnite odds. It creates a platform where gamblers have the best fun ever, pampering them with lucrative odds and bonuses, among others. Sign up to join the best eSport casino for Fortnite bets.