FIFA Betting


Introduction to FIFA Betting

FIFA is one of the most popular eSports in the world. They continue to dominate the eSports world, with the FC24 franchise being one of the most anticipated eSports games. FIFA is one of the best ways to earn from eSports gaming. Despite this, earning on FIFA is not limited to only gamers. On GGBET, you can place profitable bets on their games and matches. So stick around while we tell you all you need to know about placing FIFA bets on this website!

How Does FIFA Work?

FIFA controls are easy and simple to understand. It is a digital portrayal of the real-life game of football. The goal, being the same, is to score as many goals as possible while defending your goal post from the opponent. Players choose their preferred teams from the most popular leagues in the world. There is a maximum of two players per 90-minute match. Also, you can set the in-game match time to between three to twenty minutes in real-time.

Types of FIFA Bets on GGBET

There are several FIFA odds and betting markets offered by GGBET. Some of the most common options for placing FIFA bets on GGBET are:

Match Winning Bets

As the name implies, these types of bets have to do with placing bets on the teams most likely to win a match or game. They usually have lower FIFA odds than several other bet types, particularly because they are easier to predict. This makes them safer and less volatile, compared to other bet types.

Spread or Handicap Bets

Spread bets are one of the most common bet types in FIFA betting. It involves the bookmakers giving the team most likely to win a handicap in a bid to level the playing field. For example, if you place a spread bet on a team to win, the team concerned must cover the handicap placed by the sportsbook for your bet to result in a win.

Future Bets

Future bets allow bettors to place bets on upcoming events and tournaments. They usually involve predicting the winner of a particular tournament or competition. Future bets are long-term and, as such, are very hard to predict. This is why FIFA odds in this betting market are always higher than other common types.

Prop or Additional Bets

These kinds of bets are not directly affected by the outcome of the match. They involve placing bets on seemingly minor occurrences. For instance, you can bet on the first team to score, the first team to take a corner, and the total number of yellow cards, among others.

Major FIFA Events, Tournaments and Leagues

FIFA, being one of the biggest game series in the world of eSports, is a host to a wide range of major events and tournaments. Among some of the most exciting events and tournaments to look out for in FIFA betting are:


The FIFAe World Cup, like in real life, is the biggest football competition in the eSports world. It is one of the most popular tournaments for sports betting. Most recently, The FIFAe World Cup recorded a betting volume of about $30 million. Players from different nationalities and from across the globe participate in this competition. They compete against one another to be one of the qualifying 16, who stand a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.

E Ligue 1

The E Ligue 1 is a French-organised online football competition. It sees the best FIFA gamers in France compete for a spot in the competition. About thirteen seasoned players face off against each other over the span of 13 matchdays. There is a prize pool for the first, second and third places. The first-place winner can win as much as $30,000. It is worth mentioning that GGBET offers the most lucrative FIFA odds for placing bets on the E Ligue 1.

FIFAe Champions League

The FIFAe Champions League is one of the top-rated competitions in the eSports world. The tournament sees players with the Xbox or PlayStation consoles fight for spots in the tournament. Players choose teams from Europe's finest leagues to compete. There are a total of 64 teams. The matches, like in reality, are to be played over two legs. The winner is then decided based on the aggregate score of both legs.

FIFA Betting Odds

Odds for placing FIFA bets can be presented in multiple ways. However, there are three common ways they are presented across most sportsbooks:

  • American Odds: Bookmakers around the Northern American region use this method of presenting odds. The odds are presented in 3 figures representing the potential return on a $100 bet. There are also positive (+) and negative (-) signs. The negative sign is given to the team most likely to win, while the underdogs are given the positive sign.
  • Fractional Odds: Fractional odds present the amount to be staked and the potential return in the form of fractions. The numerator of the fraction is used to represent the potential return. While the denominator of the fraction represents the amount staked. For example, the FIFA odds for a team could be 7/1, where $7 is the potential return on a $1 stake.
  • Decimal odds: Decimal odds are also known as European odds. This is because they are most popular in the European region. As the name implies, odds are represented using decimals. The underdogs usually have higher FIFA odds, while the team favored to win has lower odds.

Live Betting On FIFA

Live betting on FIFA is one of the most lucrative ways of earning on GGBET. Here are a few reasons why live betting on FIFA might just be the step you need to take to land crazy wins:

  • In-game Analysis: Unlike other types of betting, where you're limited to previous matches and performances, live betting allows you to make decisions based on live performances. Decisions are made based on how the team is playing, making for better analysis and prediction.
  • Better Odds: The odds of a game constantly change based on the events of a game. Live betting allows you to use better odds to make more profits.
  • Reduced Losses: Live betting helps reduce the losses incurred by bettors. This is because unforeseen circumstances can be dealt with more efficiently. Live betting can also help to place wiser bets, leading to more profitable bets.

FIFA Betting Bonuses and Promotions on GGBET

GGBET offers many bonuses and promotions to all new and existing users. These are some of the best bonuses offered by GGBET:

  • Cashback: The cashback bonus serves as a means of reducing losses made by users. This bonus returns the amount staked on a bet despite losing the bet.
  • Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus is made available to all upon successful registration on GGBET. Users can receive as much as $200 as a welcome bonus, with a 100% matching bonus on the first deposit.
  • Free Bets: With GGBET, you can place bets and win without using any money. This is made possible by the free bet bonus. Allowing you to bet and earn money with zero risk involved.

How to Get Started with FIFA Betting On GGBET

These are the simple steps to follow to start placing profitable FIFA bets on GGBET:

  • Go to the GGBET site or app, fill in the required details and open an account
  • Select any of the available payment methods to make your first deposit
  • Make your way to the eSports section
  • Select FIFA
  • Choose from the available FIFA odds and markets
  • Input the amount you wish to stake
  • Confirm your bet and start earning!

Tips and Strategies for Betting On FIFA

  • Make Adequate Research: You should ensure that you do adequate research before placing bets on GGBET. Also, endeavour to consider the previous results and stats of both teams, as this will be instrumental to you making a wise and informed choice.
  • Budget Management: Budget management is crucial to placing profitable bets on GGBET. It is always advisable to avoid large bets with large returns to manage your funds.
  • Follow Expert Tips: While placing FIFA bets on GGBET, we advise you to watch out for tips and strategies recommended by experts. This can be very useful, especially for new bettors with little to no experience placing bets that win.

Customer Support

GGBET prioritizes customer satisfaction. To this effect, adequate support channels have been put in place for any hassles encountered in FIFA betting.

There is a 24/7 live chat software that attends to the needs and complaints of users anywhere and at any time. Users can also send emails to the emails provided by GGBET to offer quick and prompt responses to the needs and complaints of users. GGBET goes further to provide hotlines to contact GGBET personnel. These hotlines are based on country codes, allowing you to complain to GGBET personnel within your country. GGBET is the best site for FIFA betting. Don't sleep on it. Register on GGBET today to get started!