Darts Betting


Introduction to Darts Betting at GGBet

Darts betting is increasingly popular as the sport has a huge international audience. The sport has been attractive to legendary players like Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen, making a name for themselves.

Knowing that there are countless competitive Darts events to place your bets on can be intriguing. So, how do you find suitable darts odds, and what tournaments should you consider when betting? Read our ultimate guide for insights.

Types of Darts Bets at GGBet

Placing valuable bets starts with choosing wagers you are familiar with. Since there are multiple darts wagering markets, here are viable ones:

  • Match-winner bets are odds that require you to foretell the player to win a contest.
  • Tournament winner bets are subject to an event like the World Championship. In this case, your prediction is about the player who emerges the winner after an entire series, not a single match.
  • Total sets wagers are based on the number of sets that will be witnessed in a game. The odds may be over or under a bookie’s indicated number.
  • Most 180 bets require you to guess the player with the highest score, which is 180.
  • The highest tournament average odds allow you to predict the player who will accumulate the highest dart average after throwing three darts.
  • Correct score bets are suitable if you have an idea of how a match will end.
  • Long-term and special bets are also an option if you can bet on particular events. Examples include the 9-dart finish (predict a player to check out the 501 thresholds with nine darts).

Major Darts Leagues and Events on GGBet

Several darts competitions are organized by the British Darts Organization (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Here are some events you could keep an eye on if you want to bet on darts.

  • The PDC World Championship (Cazoo World Darts Championship) is the most significant tour since its launch in 1994. It is a prestigious annual event with a big prize pool and is attractive to a huge audience.
  • The World Matchplay (Betfred World Matchplay) is an event that attracts elite players globally and happens in England.
  • The PDC Premier League Darts tournament is among the leading competitions since its inception. It is prestigious and has top players competing for large prizes.
  • The World Grand Pix is another notable event with a huge audience worldwide on the lookout for it. The event happens every October and is played in a double-in-double out-sets format.
  • The Euro Tour and World Championships is a notable event that attracts European players.
  • The Cazoo UK Open is an annual PDC-sponsored event in Minehead. Approximately 160 players participate in this event and play it in eight stages. The UK Open tournament is a replica of the FA Darts Cup.
  • The World Series of Darts (WSOD) is an international event sponsored by PDC and happens in different countries. WSOD events include the German Darts Masters, Melbourne Masters, and the US Darts Masters.
  • The World Cup of Darts is another notable tournament sponsored by PDC competitions. It attracts elite players worldwide, even though its pool prize is smaller.

Darts Betting Odds at GGBet

Leveraging the best odds starts with identifying value in the odds provided. When deciding odds, the Sportsbook analyzes player rankings by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) based on merit. This aspect is backed by players’ prizes in two years.

Therefore, the odds will indicate how a player is valued; you can easily single out the strongest players before a match begins. As a result, you can analyze odds based on implied probabilities based on what the Sportsbook thinks will happen.

Odds are fractions, decimals, or American. For fraction odds, the numerator is the possible payout multiplied by the digit, while the denominator is the wager size. Decimal odds are straightforward; the payout equals the number indicated multiplied by the wager amount. For American odds, the negative odds represent the wager amount, while the other indicates the rewards on a $100 stake.

Live Betting on Darts at GGBet

Watching all the real-time game actions during a match creates an unmatched sense of satisfaction. It gets better knowing that you can bet on darts as players compete. There are a few things you could gamble on when contemplating live betting of darts.

While live betting is a thrill if you use a bookie with streaming features, you should know that live odds keep changing based on different statistics. Besides, the odds could disappear before placing a bet; being quick when you spot profitable odds is essential.

Darts Betting Promotions and Bonuses at GGBet

One of the exceptional features that will compel you to use GGBet as your preferred betting site is the promotions you could be eligible for. The offers range from:

  • A welcome bonus for choosing GGBet and creating a betting account.
  • A loyalty reward for making GGBet your preferred wagering site for an extended period.
  • Deposit and reload bonuses for first-time and subsequent top-ups, respectively.
  • Special-day offers are mostly available on weekends, holidays, and specific days. Eligibility conditions vary, including topping up on a particular day and claiming the offer within a particular time frame.

How to Place Darts Bet on GGBet

Once you have decided on betting on darts, follow these steps to make a bet:

  • Register your betting account
  • Add funds to your betting slip
  • Check the darts section and choose the bets you are familiar with.
  • Enter the wager amount and confirm the entry.
  • Submit the bet and wait for the match to see if your bets win.

Darts Betting Tips and Strategies

Wagering on darts looks straightforward. However, the one thing every bettor tries to avoid is making risky bets. You can avoid losing money by having strategies and tips that could be helpful. Check out this when contemplating winning darts bets:

  • Look at how players have been performing and the tournament size. It is important to analyze these two aspects when formulating bets. For example, some players do well in domestic competitions and struggle when competing before an international audience.
  • Try backing underdogs if you believe they stand a chance. Upsets are bound to happen in any competition, and you could be lucky to win on such bets. This is because least-favorite players require a small wager amount but have a huge payout.
  • Opt for short-format competitions when betting. These bets are valuable because they are unpredictable, but you must research before wagering.
  • Don’t overlook participants and the audience likely to be in an event. Some events don’t attract huge audiences, while some cannot be missed. A crowd’s presence could impact a player’s performance, hence results. For example, World Championships and other international tournaments are very attractive.
  • Familiarize yourself with darts and how it is played, including their format and how players win. This tactic helps when opting for prop bets and in-play betting.
  • If you prefer live betting, get to know how odds change when a player scores. Real-time data is informative and significantly affects how a bookie formulates the betting markets.

Customer Support for Darts Betting

Betting on Darts should be a seamless experience for all bettors. However, you could encounter technical issues or need help depositing and withdrawing funds. Such scenarios necessitate quality customer service – contact us for all your darts betting-related challenges and get instant help.


How Can I Bet On Darts

Betting on darts is straightforward; the steps are as follows:

  • Register on our website.
  • Top up your betting slip.
  • Choose the betting market you prefer.
  • Confirm the bet amount.
  • Submit the bet.

Which Dart Odds Earn Real Money?

Winning real money is subject to correct outcomes. It is, therefore, vital to identify valuable bets when wagering. Before selecting odds, check the ones available and compare them to determine the most profitable ones.

Can I Withdraw After Winning on Darts Bets?

Yes. You must include your deposit and withdrawal methods when creating your betting account. After your bet wins, you can easily withdraw funds. Remember to check if there could be darts betting conditions you should meet before withdrawing.