Cricket Betting


Introduction to Cricket Betting at GGBet

Cricket is one of the most followed sports worldwide and has a huge following within the Indian community. As a result, it is likely to find gamblers looking for cricket betting opportunities. At GGBet, bettors have multiple options covering diverse betting markets for lucrative bets.

What's exciting is that you can bet online conveniently. Furthermore, the live betting feature allows you to place wagers even when a game is active. Do you know how to make the most of cricket odds? Here is the ultimate guide for making suitable cricket wagers.

Types of Cricket Bets at GGBet

Your chances of winning real money with cricket bets are to understand the various betting markets. Familiarizing yourself with all the available formats is instrumental in decision-making. Here are multiple cricket bets to choose from:

  • Outright bets are the most common and straightforward because they require you to select the team you think will win a match, tournament, or series.
  • Handicaps are another popular betting option where the sportsbook provides odds favoring the underdogs. This market is ideal if the teams competing have equal chances of winning. Since surprises happen even in cricket games, betting on the underdog would equate to a higher payout if they emerge winners.
  • Player bets are an option if you prefer guessing particular happenings on individual players. For example, you can bet on who you think will be the man of the match, the top bowler, and the player with the most runs or wickets.
  • Team bets specifically focus on the entire team and possible outcomes. Different bookies have diverse odds for this particular bet. These include the win toss, the team of top batsmen, and the series score or winner.
  • Over/under bets are viable in huge tournaments like the Cricket World Cup. Your prediction is based on total runs and wickets in a single match – choose whether the totals will be over or under the specific odds.
  • Innings run is a cricket bet where you determine the total runs a team will make during the initial contest period. Usually, you don't have to guess the correct scores but can choose whether they will be under or above the given digits.
  • First-ball or first-over bets are based on immediate outcomes. The bet requires you to tell if the first ball will be a four or a wicket. The variation of this bet is determining the first over or under.
  • Long-term and special bets are unique and ideal if you are familiar with cricket. The betting odds are very significant and are based on particular events. These betting markets are not similar; long-term bets are subject to future events. In contrast, special bets don't necessarily have anything to do with what happens during a match. Coin toss, most sixes, and the method of dismissal are examples of special bets.

Major Cricket Leagues and Events on GGBet

The betting scene can be exciting when you know competitive events worth evaluating. Cricket has held domestic and international tournaments including:

  • The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the leading cricket tournaments to watch. Ten teams from India's top cities participated in this competition. The IPL has existed since 2008 and is played in a Twenty20 format. Mumbai Indians are the elite team in this tournament, which features pro batters and bowlers.
  • The ICC Cricket World Cup is the most competitive championship. The competition has been every four years since 1975. The World Cup can either be a T20 or a One Day International.
  • The Big Bash League (BBL) is Australia's top-tier competition featuring eight teams. The event has been attractive to a huge audience ever since its launch in 2011. BBL replaced the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash, which had six teams participating.
  • The One Hundred is a quick, exciting tournament featuring two teams with 100 balls innings. The tournament is organized by a partnership between the Wales and England Cricket Boards and mainly attracts younger players.
  • You cannot miss listing the Ashes if you are looking for top-tier competitive cricket scenes. This series features players from England and Australia, with the latter being the most successful contestant. The Ashes is played in a 5-match series.

Cricket Betting Odds at GGBet

When it comes to gambling, there is a vital aspect that most bettors miss out on how to interpret the odds. Usually, they indicate the win probability based on a few factors that GGBet evaluates. The estimations are based on the likelihood of the occurrence happening. An example is where the odds of 1.50 favor team A to win, which implies the chances of this particular team winning are 66.77%.

Since odds represent the possibility of specific occurrences, understanding how they work is essential in calculating the potential payout. The odds are represented in three formats:

  • Decimal odds represent how much you would win for the amount wagered. For instance, a $100 wager pegged on 1.5 betting odds will earn you $150 (odds multiplied by the wager).
  • Fractional odds could be easier to understand as they are represented as a fraction or using a slash symbol. The first digit or numerator represents the payout subject to the wager size, while the denominator or second digit signifies the bet amount. For example, 3/1 odds represent a $300 payout for a $100 wager (3x100).
  • Moneyline or American odds have a negative or positive symbol before indicated odds. The former indicates how much you should wager to get a payout, while the latter signifies the potential profit on a $100 wager.

Live Betting on Cricket at GGBet

GGBet Sportsbook has in-play betting for its users. This feature is suitable for betting on possible outcomes during a match. Live betting features multiple opportunities that you could leverage. For example, you can guess the next ball or who to shoot.

Live betting on cricket is compelling and presents a chance to diversify your wagering possibilities. It is, therefore, suitable for experienced gamblers because live odds keep changing during the game, and the markets are time-bound (could disappear before you wager). Remember that live betting suits single bets and can present quick cash for correct guesses.

Cricket Betting Promotions and Bonuses at GGBet

Using GGBet to gamble on cricket matches is not only profitable for correct predictions; you can also get rewards for making this your preferred betting site. New users are eligible for a welcome token, while faithful subscribers qualify for a loyalty bonus. Other promotions to look out for include deposit, reload, and special offers subject to funding your account.

How to Place a Cricket Bet on GGBet

If you are new to betting, wagering on cricket is challenging. Here is a simplified process every beginner should familiarize themselves with:

  • Create an account on GGBet by signing up
  • Head over to the cricket matches section
  • Evaluate and compare odds and find a betting market that is easy to understand.
  • Determine how much you want to wager and deposit funds in your betting slip.
  • Choose the prediction you think best matches the highest possibilities.
  • Click on the wager amount and add this to the bet slip before submitting a wager.

Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies

One thing that frustrates almost every bettor is how to wager and win. While winning is based on correct outcomes, you can increase your odds if you know how to leverage the best tips and even formulate a winning strategy. Here are some insights:

  • Check the weather forecast, as it plays a significant role in a team's performance. Always be on the lookout for the weather conditions before a scheduled match. For example, humidity could affect the balls' movements and, in turn, the overall outcome.
  • Research about the teams and players' forms. Knowing how individual players and teams perform gives you an edge when betting. For example, a team with top players nursing injuries may have slimmer chances of performing well in an event. Also, a team that loses at the initial gameplay will likely struggle throughout the tournament. While on this, always know a match's underdog and favorite for suitable cricket bets.
  • Know the state of the pitch and if a team has a home-ground advantage. A flat pitch gives an edge to batters, but disadvantages spin bowlers.
  • Familiarize yourself with cricket if you want to make lucrative wagers. Otherwise, it would be challenging to stake on a sport you have no idea how it works.

Customer Support for Cricket Betting

Making the most of wagering is not always a smooth ride. In such scenarios, you need the assistance of a customer care team. GGBet has a responsive help team that works around the globe, 24/7, to ensure you have a satisfactory experience when betting on cricket. Contact us for instant help with all your cricket betting issues.


Is Betting on Cricket Easy?

Yes, betting on cricket is straightforward and profitable. However, you must understand the gameplay and betting markets for profitable odds.

How do You Select Cricket Odds?

Evaluating all the available cricket bets and understanding the implied probability is important. If you have no clue where to start, try selecting outright bets if you can guess the winner of an event.

Do I Cash Out My Returns for Correct Cricket Bets?

Yes, there are no restrictions on withdrawing your winnings. Regardless, always check if the preferred betting odds are subject to particular conditions before initiating a withdrawal. For example, live cricket betting odds are only active when the game is in play mode.