Call of Duty Betting


Introduction to Call of Duty Betting

Starting the franchise in 2003, Call of Duty (CoD) has grown into a spectacular first-shooter game with over 400 million sales of its game software. It is well established that CoD is the most profitable eSports game so far. In two decades of constant development, the game now records a total of 100 million monthly gamers. No wonder Call of Duty betting is also popular in the eSport betting industry!

A boundless list of casinos offer bets on CoD games. Nonetheless, GGBET stands out by providing the highest betting odds and the best bonuses in the gambling business. Read on to learn more about betting on CoD games.

Understanding Call of Duty Gameplay

One of the biggest shooter games is Call of Duty, and guess what? It has straightforward gameplay. To play the CoD, a player must form or join a team of three members. When complete, the team selects a gaming mode as they please. The modes in Call of Duty include Team Deathmatches, Search and Destroy, etc.

Upon entering the in-game location, each team gets to defend themselves by eliminating other teams in the match using equipped weapons or weapons on the map. Usually, the major aim of the game is to eliminate other teams on the map, but sometimes other game objectives may arise.

Types of Call of Duty Bets

Call of Duty betting sites, such as GGBET, present several options on which bettors can place wagers. These options are presented as contradicting odds to the bettor. On GGBET, gamblers can bet on some Call of Duty bet types. These bet options include:

  • Match Winner: This is the easiest of all the bet types available on GGBET. To win this bet, the gambler has to predict the victor of a match. For example, Team A and Team B have a Call of Duty match. The bettor can bet that Team A would win.
  • Map Winner: Rather than place bets on the winner of a match, Call of Duty Betting allows gamblers to bet on the team that wins a particular map in a match. Considering how hard it is to predict which team would win in a particular location in the game, this bet type is lucrative.
  • (Map) Handicap: It is very similar to Map Winner, but it is a bit different. Here, maps are to be won, but not specific ones. This bet involves a team winning a higher number of maps than the opponent despite the advantage or disadvantage placed by the bookie. For example, Team A is given a disadvantage of -1.5. The team must win two points more than the opposing team to count as a bet win.
  • Outright Winner: Based on the nature of the bet, GGBET offers high Call of Duty odds to bettors in this bet option. This bet involves betting on the team that wins the entire tournament for the bet to count as a win. Here, the underdogs are given higher odds, and oftentimes, they turn out to win the tournament. The favourite team has lesser odds than the underdogs.
  • Parlay: This is also known as accumulated bets. Here, the bettor merges his bets into one bookie ticket. Because this heightens the risk of a loss, the odds are often boosted by the bookmaker.

Major Call of Duty Tournaments and Leagues

Featuring every Call of Duty match or tournament on the website of any eSports casino is like a daydream. Different sponsors host millions of Call of Duty. However, only a few can be featured on the casino webpage. At GGBET, these tournaments are available for Call of Duty Betting:

  • Call of Duty League Majors: This league is a part of the CoD League. Currently, there are over 5 Majors played every year. These majors are played in a double-elimination format. The best eight teams from these majors qualify for the Call of Duty championship.
  • Call of Duty League: This is the game's official competitive league. Other leagues and championships are linked to this league. It was introduced in 2019 as a substitute for the previously existing Call of Duty World League. This league is provided with Call of Duty odds on every eSports casino, including GGBET.
  • CDL Champions: AKA Call of Duty Championship. This is the pinnacle of CoD tournaments as it marks the finale of the CoD season. Here, the best teams (8 in total) compete to have the largest share of the prize pool and the "CoD Champion" title.

Call of Duty Betting Odds

Odds are significant indicators of a bet's potential profit and risk level. Call of Duty odds appear differently on eSports casino websites. These forms or formats of odds depend on the state the casino operates. These formats are:

  • American Odds: AKA the Moneyline Odds. It is commonplace in the American gambling market, as the name implies. It appears as a plus or minus symbol before an integer (whole number).
  • Decimal Odds: The decimal odds format applies to the GGBET eSports betting platform. It is displayed as a decimal point and makes it easy to predict the bet. If the bet is higher than 1.5, the bet is risky. To calculate the potential winning, the bettor has to multiply his wager by the decimal number.
  • Fractional Odds: It is shown as two numbers with a "/" separating them, e.g. 8/5. For example, if a bettor bets on a fractional odds of 8/5, every 5 dollars placed attracts an 8-dollar reward.

Live Betting on Call of Duty

Live bets are also regarded as in-play bets. This type of CoD betting involves placing bets on events of a live or ongoing Call of Duty match. These kinds of bets enhance the experience of the gamblers. The following are why you should bet live on CoD games:

  • Possible chance of an increase in Call of Duty odds.
  • Access to real-time information and updates.
  • Provides the opportunity to hedge bets.
  • Leaves room for testing different betting strategies.
  • Gives room for comfort.

Call of Duty Betting Promotions and Bonuses

GGBET, being the best eSports casino, spoils its gamblers with unrivalled bonus offers. These Call of Duty betting bonuses include:

  • Matchup bonuses: Also known as a deposit bonus. This bonus is an additional cash funded to the gambler's account when the gambler makes a deposit. Usually, this bonus is activated for the first five deposits the bettor makes.
  • Bet insurance: Have you ever thought of a bet you can place without losing your wager? Well, with bet insurance bonuses, this is possible. This bonus offer allows gamblers to place wagers on CoD games and not lose their wager if they lose the bet. With this bet, it is recommended that gamblers select as many Call of Duty odds as possible to increase winnings.
  • Welcome Bonuses: Are you a new bettor? You enjoy incentives when you newly register on the GGBET website. This bonus may come as a deposit bonus or a free cash bonus.

How to Place a Call of Duty Bet

We bet you are interested in Call of Duty betting. However, as a new bettor, you need a proper guide to place your first CoD bet at an eSport casino. To place CoD at GGBET, follow these steps:

  • Register on the verified GGBET eSport casino website.
  • Fund your gambling wallet.
  • Search for CoD games and select Call of Duty odds after observing the stats.
  • Input the amount you want to wager.
  • Confirm the bet you placed. There you have it! Your very first Call of Duty bet.

Call of Duty Betting Tips and Strategies

Call of Duty betting is not guaranteed as the bettors will incur losses sometimes. However, a streak of losses is an indication that the bettor is making a mistake over and over again. To avoid constant bet losses, here are some tips that would help:

  • Learn how to find and use vital CoD stats.
  • Leverage bonuses provided by the casino.
  • Avoid gambling all you have.
  • Avoid following online prediction sites. However, you can learn from them.
  • Use websites that provide the high Call of Duty odds, such as GGBET.
  • Know the basic principles of playing Call of Duty.

Customer Support for Call of Duty Betting

At GGBET, you don't have to worry when you have issues or queries. GGBET offers some channels through which gamblers have access to real-time customer agents. These agents are accessible via mail, phone call or a message through the virtual chat box on the website. These channels are reachable around the clock and offer swift resolution of any issue. An FAQ segment presents customers with top Call of Duty betting enquiries.

GGBET is that one-stop platform where bettors can access the highest Call of Duty odds. Besides the high odds, the eSport casino gives users amazing bonus deals and bet options. Get started by signing up at GGBET.