Boxing Betting


Overview of Boxing Betting

Boxing tops major sports in the world, holding the 11th place in the infinite list of popular sports. The sport dates back in history as early variations of Boxing have been about aggression. Today, the game has been modified to adhere to strict guidelines. Boxing associations formulate these guidelines and apply them in popular Boxing competitions.

Gambling follows every sporting activity, and Boxing betting has garnered billions of dollars in bet income. Huge, right? Boxing gambling sites present possibilities in Boxing as bet options. Today, GGBET records the largest market for Boxing bets.

Types of Boxing Bets

Boxing bets come in their varieties on betting sites. Gamblers select these options and place stakes against Boxing odds that the bookmaker provides. At GGBET and other prominent bet sites, the following are Boxing possibilities you can bet on:

  • To-Win Bets: In a match, a winner is expected to emerge as the victor of the match. This is exactly what you bet on in this betting option – who will win a Boxing match? The odds of To-Win bets vary, depending on the site where the bettor places their bet. To win this bet, the choice team must win the match by any of the regulated means.
  • Over/Under Round Bets: The O/U Rounds bets are straightforward to understand. The bettor simply predicts if the number of rounds in a match will go above or under a specific number. In this Boxing betting option, the bettor may be given the option of under/over 7 bouts. If the game ends between the 1st to 6th rounds, that is a win for under 7. If the game ends between the 7th to last rounds, that results in a win for over 7.
  • Go the Distance: This sounds unpopular, right? This is exclusive only to Boxing betting. The bet involves wagering on whether the match will end within the regular bouts of the match, or the judges have to make a decision based on performance. For competition between professional fighters, the match ends during the scheduled bouts most times. However, for amateur matches, it is usually up to the judges to decide the winner.
  • Group Round Bets: If you are confused about the likely winner, you can simply bet on a more specific bet option. With group round bets, bettors can select the range of bouts, such as the 1st - 4th round, in which they believe the game would end. This option is not available for all Boxing matches. It is reserved for the popular Boxing competitions.
  • Specific Rounds: Similar to the group round bets, this betting choice operates in a way that a bettor has to choose the round in which he assumes the Boxing round will end. This Boxing betting choice is more specific in nature. This implies that the odds of this bet type are more favourable as the specific rounds are difficult to win.
  • Double Chance Bets: This is one of the most profitable betting choices any better can make. Well, you know gambling does not give profitable odds with easy predictability. The double chance combines To-Win bets with the method through which the win happens. Simplifying it, this means that you select the possible winner of the match and predict the winning mode (either technical knockout, knockout or judge's decision)
  • Knock Down Special Bets: Emphasizing the word "knockdown", not knockout, the Boxing betting choice is only won when the bettor places his bet on the fighter that would knock the other out first. Simple, right? The higher Boxing odds are assigned to the weaker contender, while the stronger fighter gets lower odds.
  • Proposition Bets: These bets refer to wagers on the possibility that a particular in-game event would have. Generally, these bets are unpredictable as they don't necessarily have to be won by the stronger team. These types of bets require a truckload of luck and offer high-rewarding odds. Examples of prop bets include "Will there be a knockdown?", "Will there be a reduction of points?", "Which contender lands the most hits?" and so on.

Major Boxing Leagues and Events

Popular sports betting sites provide Boxing odds for top Boxing competitions. These tournaments attract the largest audience and increase the attention of gamblers to the bet sites. The following are the top Boxing leagues:

  • Olympic Boxing: This marks the oldest record of Boxing in history. First played in 1904, the game has developed to its contemporary state. This competition is under the AIBA (International Boxing Association) regulation and utilizes a separate guideline for their Boxing competitions, which differs from professional Boxing. The Olympics Boxing is considered the premier amateur Boxing league.
  • World Boxing Council Championships: In selecting Boxing bets, this tournament gives the most profitable Boxing odds and largest bet options. The WBC Championship is the most desired stage of Boxing among the fighters. It is one of the most anticipated Boxing competitions. Here, the fighters are graded into 17 different classes. These classes are based on the weight of the contenders. Professional boxers rank in and top the championship tournament. The likes of Ali Muhammad and Ray Leonard, among others, emerged from this popular competition.
  • World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships: The WBA has authority in the conduct of the matches in the tournament. This impacts Boxing betting as the rules are different from the Olympic games. The league also classifies as a professional Boxing league and attracts the gambling community's focus.

Boxing Betting Odds

Betting in Boxing involves placing wagers on the odds of some Boxing betting options. These odds are displayed in several styles, and this varies for different bookmakers. Some of these display styles include:

  • American Odds: Also known as the Moneyline Odd. It requires a base of $100 for betting. It appears as a negative or positive number, e.g. +167, -670. The negative number is the initial stake required to win $100. The positive figure is the potential winning for betting $100.
  • Decimal Odds: It looks like a decimal number. The higher the figure, the more risk it involves. It is the most simple Boxing odds available at sites such as GGBET. To get the potential winnings, multiply your stakes by the odds.
  • Fractional Odds: Comes in the appearance of a fraction with a slash between the numerical figures. The initial figure is the potential money returned to the player if he wins, and the latter figure is the stake needed to win the potential money return.

Live Betting on Boxing

Have you ever thought of placing stakes on Boxing odds as the match is ongoing? GGBET allows live bets for such professional games. This form of betting is the live betting option or the in-play betting. Several perks come with live bets as they:

  • Provide an opportunity for cutting down losses.
  • Provide a mixture of anxiety and pleasure for gambling-blooded individuals.
  • Serve as a means of garnering real-time information.
  • Open up more prop bets.

Boxing Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBET

As a means of maximizing Boxing odds, multiple bonuses are given to GGBET bettors at certain intervals. These Boxing betting bonuses include:

  • Deposit Bonus: When you deposit, you have the benefit of receiving a whopping bonus on every deposit made. Here, the bonus is reliant on the campaign available.
  • Welcome Bonus: Are you new at GGBET? If you are, you are eligible for a welcome reward. This welcome package serves as a starter's gift to bettors to jump into the gambling sphere. It varies from free bets to free cash bonuses.
  • Free Bet: Ever wished a bet could be without any risk involved? Free bet is the saviour you need. It is indeed a dream come true. It allows users to place a bet without the fear of losing money.

How to Place a Boxing Bet on GGBET

Understanding the Boxing odds at GGBET is not sufficient to place the odds. Knowing how it is placed is crucial. Follow the below procedures to bet on Boxing options:

  • Get on the GGBET website. You can do this by creating a virtual profile on GGBET or logging in.
  • Put funds into the account.
  • Navigate towards the Boxing section on the sports bookmaker's market.
  • Select a Boxing tournament.
  • Pick suitable odds.
  • Insert a money value as your wager.
  • Confirm the betting request.

Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

Looking for a way to mitigate losses in every Boxing betting ticket you place at GGBET? Follow these strategies we have gathered as betting tips:

  • Hedge your bets.
  • Place live bets.
  • Leverage props bets.
  • Do not get greedy while you bet. Be logical.
  • Analyze the game properly.

Customer Support for Boxing Betting

Customer assistance services are available to all bettors at GGBET. These services include Boxing betting complaints and resolving those complaints, important queries and lots more. These services are accessible via the mail, phone line and virtual chat assistance all day round. With all the fantastic and jawbreaking features available to Boxing gamblers, get an account at GGBET!