Betting on Beach Soccer


Introduction to Beach Soccer Betting

As the name implies, beach soccer is a variant of soccer played on the beach or any sandy surface. Though it is not as popular as soccer, this sport offers you a sort of variation to your sports experience, especially given the entertaining nature of beach soccer. What's more, betting on this sport is completely legal and valid on many sites, including GGBET. To understand how to do beach soccer betting successfully, you should read this article.

Types of Beach Soccer Bets

There are different types of beach soccer odds you can bet on. You can select from any options below and wager your bankroll on them.

  • Straight Win Bets: In a fixture between two teams, a straight win bet expects you to pick one of the teams that will win that game. If the team you choose wins, you'll be rewarded with your payout.
  • Outright Winner: Here, you're to predict the winner of a tournament. There are several beach soccer tournaments over the course of a season. You should pick from one of them, and explore the outright winner betting option.
  • Handicap Bets: Handicap beach soccer betting means choosing a team to satisfy certain criteria before you can get paid out. These criteria could involve winning the match along with scoring a certain winning gap, or it could involve scoring a certain number of goals and not conceding. Whichever handicap you choose, know that it always comes with high odds and good payouts.
  • Total Bets: Total bets demand choosing a range of goals that the match will surpass or fall short of. If you choose the over 3.5 beach soccer odds option, it means that at least four goals, in total, must be scored in the match. The under option of the same bet means that less than four goals must be scored.
  • Correct Score: This type of bet is risky because it's difficult to predict what the score of a match will be after the final whistle. However, if you're sure of your expertise, you can choose to predict what score the fixture will end in.

Major Beach Soccer Leagues and Events

We mentioned before that you can choose the winner of a tournament as a betting option. There are many tournaments you can do this for, or just to bet matches on. Some of the most prominent beach soccer betting events are:

  • Beach Soccer World Cup: In any sport, the World Cup is always the apex tournament, and beach soccer isn't different. The Beach Soccer World Cup is organized by FIFA and is played every two years. This tournament gathers sixteen of the best beach soccer teams and pits them against each other. The winner of this tournament goes home with the tournament prize money, and you can have your share by betting on them, on GGBET.
  • CONMEBOL Beach Soccer: CONMEBOL is the body that organizes soccer in South America, and best believe, their beach soccer event is also one of the most important in the world of beach soccer. The CONMEBOL beach soccer brings teams from the region and offers them an enticing prize money. You can also take part in this by wagering on the tournament on GGBET, especially as it comes with the best beach soccer odds and experience.
  • Euro Beach Soccer League: Another major beach soccer event is the Euro Beach Soccer League. Annually, players participate in this event amidst fun fare and expert beach soccer matches. It is conducted as a point-based league and any team that has the most points after the season wins the event.

Beach Soccer Betting Odds

Beach soccer odds take certain formats, as you would notice. These formats represent how the potential payout is calculated, and tell you the value of your bet. They are:

  • Decimal Odds: These types of odds are the most popular in the beach soccer betting atmosphere. They are calculated based on simple multiplications. That is, you should multiply your stake by the odds to get your payout. If you wager $10 on 3.00 odds, you should expect $30 as your payout if your bet wins.
  • Fractional Odds: Fractional odds won't task you much in their calculation. As they are presented in the fraction format, they always have a number above (numerator) and below (denominator). The numerator is the multiplier while the denominator is the value of the bet. If you, for example, wager $20 on a 4/1 bet, you'll get $100. That is, 20 × 4 + 20 (initial stake).
  • American Odds: These types of odds require that you make your calculations using a base figure of $100. American odds are presented attached to plus and minus signs. The odds with the plus sign are less likely to happen. On the other hand, the minus sign odds have smaller returns since they can very easily happen. The +odds represent what you will get with a $100 stake, while the -odds show you what you need to stake to get $100.

Live Betting on Beach Soccer

Live beach soccer betting has become recently popular given the benefits that come with doing it. Below, we've highlighted some of these benefits.

  • Closer time to payout: By betting on live games, you'll be able to receive your payout almost as soon as you place your bet. Live betting bridges the gap between the wager and the payout time since you're placing your bet after the match has begun. Doing this means you'll get paid out very quickly.
  • Enhanced Odds: Live beach soccer odds often increase and reduce while the game is on. Be on hand to catch it when it's highest, and place your bet.
  • Better Analysis: Analysis becomes more accurate when you do it during the game. This is because live games give you insights into some things you may not have caught before the game. When your analysis is more accurate, you'll be able to get winnings more frequently.

Beach Soccer Betting and Promotions

Wagering on beach soccer odds has more benefits than not, with one of these benefits being bonuses. Here are some bonuses that you'll surely receive when you join GGBET or any beach soccer wagering site.

  • Welcome Bonuses: You'll be welcomed grandly on most beach soccer betting sites with scintillating offers and exciting bonuses. Welcome offers often require deposits before they can be activated.
  • Cashback Offers: You could get refunded some portion of your deposit when you join a beach soccer site like GGBET. These offers have relative percentages and depend on which sportsbooks you join.
  • Free Bets: Occasionally, you'll receive free betting vouchers from GGBET. These vouchers allow you to place bets without using money, and the playthrough requirements are reasonable. These types of bonuses are given to loyal customers, so be sure to prove your loyalty to get free betting vouchers.

How to Place a Beach Soccer Bet on GGBET

Now that you're about to wager on beach soccer odds, what are the steps to do so? They're easy and straightforward.

  • Sign Up: Before you can stake on beach soccer matches, make sure you register on GGBET. You'll have to part with such information as email, password, etc.
  • Fund Your Account: Now, deposit some money into your beach soccer betting account. There are various methods of doing this. Choose one and fund your account through it.
  • Go to the market: There are several markets like Football, Basketball, MMA, etc. Choose beach soccer as your option and select the games of your choice.
  • Confirm Your Bet: As soon as you choose the fixtures to bet on, you'll be required to confirm the bet. Input the amount you want to bet and confirm it. You can now wait for your bet to win.

Sports Betting Tips and Strategies

To have a real shot at winning your beach soccer betting endeavours, you need a strategy. We've created some tips to help you to achieve your betting goals.

  • Follow the Sport: This is the most basic advice for wagering on beach soccer odds, and one of the most effective ways of winning your bets. Watch beach soccer games and tournaments, and get familiar with the players, teams, and how it is played.
  • Get digging: Check out the teams you're going to bet on and use that to make your betting decision. Check the winning ratios, best players, and head-to-head statistics among others. These will give you a peek into future happenings.
  • Don't go against the favourites: The reward for betting on the favorites is not always the biggest. However, they offer you the most reliable option for betting. By placing your money on the most likely option, you'll get winnings more frequently.

Customer Support for Beach Soccer Betting

When you join GGBET, you'll be given the best treatment possible, especially considering the elaborate customer service available on the platform. The three support channels —phone, email, and live chat— are effective in handling any of your issues. To cap this, you can reach them 24/7 through the live chat option. Betting beach soccer on GGBET is your best possible option!