PUBG Betting


Introduction to Battlegrounds Betting

There are two words no gamer can claim to have never heard of or played – PUBG: Battlegrounds. The battle royale game resulted from the collaboration of PUBG Studios and Krafton. Battlegrounds is a top-tier game, ranking among the best ten battle royale games globally. The rise of the game in the world of eSports led to a surge in Battlegrounds betting activities.

GGBET offers a vast array of betting markets for Battlegrounds matches. Giving the highest odds you can find in the betting market alongside countless special bonuses, GGBET is the ultimate betting site for placing any Battlegrounds bet.

Understanding Battlegrounds Gameplay

Before booking your first PUBG Battlegrounds betting ticket, you must understand the basics of Battlegrounds. There is one certain goal in every Battlegrounds game, either single or squad mode - to kill, to survive, and to win. Battlegrounds are typically built as a survival battle game when the goal is to survive. You are to use the weapons you find on the maps to kill the enemy on sight.

There is a plot twist to the game. Since several landing areas are scattered around the map, the developers integrated a circle (also called the "safe zone") that shrinks as time lapses to bring opposing players or teams closer. Stepping beyond the safe zone's bounds results in losing health points for the player.

Types of Battlegrounds Bets

Battlegrounds betting can be placed by selecting several options. These options are regarded as bet options or bet types. These bet types determine whether a bettor wins or loses, depending on how they are selected. These bet options include:

  • Outright Winner Bets: Here, the bettor focuses on selecting his ideal winner of the Battlegrounds tournaments. The bet type typically holds a lucrative effect on winnings as it is difficult to predict accurately. The underdogs are given higher odds than the favourite teams.
  • Match Winner Bets: This bet option is regarded as the bettors' favourite as it can be easily predicted. It entails the gambler staking his money on the Battlegrounds odds set for the team he believes will emerge the last man/team standing. Simply put, it is a bet involving wagering on the team you are backing in a match.
  • Most Kills Bets: Wondering what this bet involves? It involves placing your wager on the team or player you believe will strike down the most players. For example, the Mortal Team is considered the best Battleground team by its performance. A gambler can bet the Mortal will have the most kills in any match.
  • First Blood Bets: This bet is about the first team or player to make the first enemy kill in the match. It is very profitable when won as it is highly unpredictable and offers high Battlegrounds odds.

Major Battlegrounds Tournaments and Leagues

Gamers play thousands of PUBG Battlegrounds matches every day. Of course, not every match will feature in the eSports betting site as these sites only select the top Battlegrounds tournaments as featured bets. GGBET offers bets on the following Battlegrounds tournaments and series:

  • PUBG Continental Series: As a means to restructure the PUBG Global Series in 2020, the PUBG organized this Battlegrounds betting series. This top-tier league offers a prize pool to be shared by the sixteen participating teams. Usually, this league is hosted yearly in every continent, excluding Africa and Antarctica.
  • PUBG Global Invitational: This tournament is played in Squad mode. Usually, the tournament comprises 32 teams who all battle to have a piece from a prize pool of over $7 million. These teams are paired against one another, battling to emerge victorious.
  • PUBG Global Championship: Gamblers often select the Battlegrounds odds for this league in season. This results from the popularity of the tournament. The tournament marks the end of Battlegrounds tournaments in a particular year. Usually, the best 32 teams participate in this tournament and promise viewers heated matches.
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open: To give smartphone gamers a sense of belonging, Krafton works in partnership with Tencent Games to host a world-class semi-professional Battlegrounds tournament. Usually, sixteen teams play in this league to share over $5,000.
  • PUBG Pro League: This tournament is featured with high Battlegrounds odds as it is played by amateur teams in a specific country. Organized by Krafton and two other sponsors, the league includes a total of 20 teams and a prize pool of more than $80,000.

Battlegrounds Betting Odds

Odds are indicators of the risks involved in a bet. These odds also present to the bettor the potential profit on the bet made. These betting odds have three major ways they are displayed, depending either on the choice of the eSports betting site or the bettor's country. The formats include:

  • Decimal Odds: This format of displaying Battlegrounds odds is used at GGBET. It is the simplest format as it easily indicates the risk involved in a bet. It appears as a decimal number; the higher the bet, the more risky it is. With the format, it is easy to spot lucrative bets.
  • Fractional Odds: Have you ever seen odds that appear as two numbers with a slash between them? For example, 10/2. That is a fractional Battlegrounds odds. This odd format tells you what you would win if you stake a particular amount. From the example, we can say a $10 win from staking $2. If the gambler intends to bet more, he has to calculate his stake in the frequency of $2. For every $2 in a $100 stake (50 $2s), there is a $10 profit.
  • American Odds: The American odds are the common format in the United States. It is represented by placing a plus or minus before a number. For its bets, it uses a standpoint of $100. For example, -60 fractional Battlegrounds odds imply that $60 is the stake for winning $100. If the odds are set at +160, you win $160 when you win a bet with a $100 wager.

Live Betting on Battlegrounds

Remember the rushing feeling to get when you watch a Battlegrounds match? Imagine that feeling heightened as you bet on the game you watch. That's the feeling live Battlegrounds betting has to offer. Here are the advantages of live betting:

  • Heightened Betting Experience.
  • Leaves room for hedging bets.
  • Allows bettors to maximize the real-time information provided by a live match.
  • Gives room for higher odds if the game appears unpredictable at first.

Battlegrounds Betting Promotions and Bonuses

To retain a large number of gamblers on any betting site, the gamblers must be kept interested. Not neglecting the vast Battlegrounds betting market, GGBET offers bettors special deals to attract more bettors while retaining the existing ones. These bonus deals include:

  • Welcome bonus: As new gamblers on the GGBET, they stand to enjoy a series of bonus offers that will kick-start their betting passion. Usually, these bonuses come as rewards for deposits.
  • Deposit bonus: This bonus is accessible to both new and existing gamblers. GGBET rewards its users by giving bonus betting funds for each deposit made. This bonus does not get directly withdrawn. Certain requirements must be met before it's accessible.

How to Place a Battlegrounds Bet

GGBET's interface makes it easy for new gamblers to experience a thrilling bet experience. With the following steps, GGBET bettors can continuously wager on odds from the Battlegrounds betting market.

  • Get to the official webpage of GGBET.
  • Register and verify your profile.
  • Fund your account to begin betting.
  • Navigate through the bet market for PUBG Battlegrounds matches, or simply use the search box to filter the market.
  • Select your preferred Battlegrounds odds from the market. Make sure you carry out intensive research before selecting it.
  • Input the amount you are staking.
  • Confirm the bet.

Good job! You have successfully placed a Battlegrounds bet.

Battlegrounds Betting Tips and Strategies

Many gamblers fail to win their Battlegrounds bets. This is due to their failure to apply some key Battlegrounds betting principles. These principles are tactics and strategies that keep their winning streak alive. These strategies include:

  • Manage your gambling funds wisely. Never gamble all you have at once.
  • Research the teams involved in the match. Learn their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand the Battlegrounds gameplay.
  • Place bets on live Battlegrounds games.
  • Bet on websites with high odds for all their Battlegrounds bets. An example of such an eSports website is GGBET.

Customer Support for Battlegrounds Betting

As you engage actively in Battlegrounds betting, issues may arise one way or the other. With a heart that desires always to please its users, GGBET provides some means for communicating such issues. These means include emails, phone calls and a website chat box. These channels are available 24/7 and offer guaranteed responses.

Considering the plethora of betting options, bonus offers, and customer support services, GGBET is ultimately the best website for placing Battlegrounds bets. Join us today to benefit from our exclusive bet offers.