Basketball Betting


Overview of Basketball Betting

Basketball is a popular sport with countless leagues hosted across the planet. In some countries, such as the United States, it is even more popular than soccer. The game is played as two teams, with 5 members each, competing to emerge as the team with the highest scored points. Points are scored by throwing the bouncy ball into a net-like basket hung on a pole.

With close to 3 billion fans and audience, the advent of basketball betting does not appear strange. Currently, sports betting sites in their thousands offer basketball bet options to their bettors. GGBET proffers the most considerable betting market for basketball games. Learn more about basketball bets and what GGBET provides for enthusiasts.

Types of Basketball Bets

Wondering what basketball betting options are available for placing bets? Basketball, like other sports, has infinite options on which bets can be placed. The following are the options you can stake on while betting on basketball games:

  • Moneyline Bets: This bet option concerns the team winning a basketball match. Whether the team wins by a single point difference or it was a brutal match for the other team, a bettor wins this bet as long as the team wins according to the official rules of basketball.
  • Spread Bets: Sometimes, sports bookmakers recognize how skilled some basketball teams are. In this basketball betting option, these bookies give skilled teams a disadvantage. For these teams to be considered game winners, they must perform above the disadvantage. For example, let's say the Lakers are going against the Sacramento Kings. The Lakers may be given a disadvantage of (-8), and the Sacramento Kings have a headstart of (+8). To be considered the winners, the Lakers must lead the win by 9+ points.
  • Totals Bets: This is replaced with "over/under" bets on betting sites. This type of bet applies to other sports. Here, the bettor places a bet on whether a particular point will be reached in a basketball game. This point is usually an accumulation of both teams' points. For example, over/under 214 implies that the points of both teams added together will surmount either under or above 214. The basketball odds for this bet are usually lucrative.
  • Futures Bets: If you are conversant with basketball games, the futures bet is one type of bet you do not want to miss, as it offers the biggest odds any basketball bet can ever offer. Here, the bettor has the privilege to bet on the most likely team to win a tournament. This bet option is available for leagues such as the NBA some months before the competition commences.
  • Parlays: The Parlay betting option is simply an accumulation of bets at a bookie site. This involves the combination of separate basketball odds into one ticket. This attracts an additional boost or increase in the total odds of the ticket. Usually, this bet is high risk as a bet loss of a single game results in the loss of the entire betting ticket.
  • Teasers: The teaser bet market is sometimes confused with the parlay bet. While the parlay bet allows the combination of multiple bet options, the teaser bet only allows for the combination of individual spreads and over/under bet options. There is also a perk to it: teasers allow the bettor to shift points to benefit them.
  • Pleasers: This basketball betting option works just like the teasers. You get to combine multiple individual spreads and over/under bet types. It provides one of the largest odds on basketball games. However, it is quite risky as the points are shifted against your benefit.
  • Prop bets: Bookies benefit from offering side bet options to users. These side bets are regarded as proposition bets. These bets have no direct influence on how the game ends. Examples of prop bets include:
    • Whether or not a specific player gets 3 blocks in a game
    • The number of fouls in the game
    • Total number of “threes” in a game.
    • The player with the most points, and so on.

Major Basketball Leagues and Events

Basketball betting is only provided by bookmakers on popular basketball events. These leagues include:

  • NBA League: This league is revered by many basketball fans. It is also the major basketball league in North America and the world at large. Over 30 teams compete in this competition and are grouped into six divisions.
  • Euroleague: The Euroleague is considered the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. The European basketball league requires 18 teams for a season to be played. The game is played indoors and is rated among the most prominent sports leagues. Ironically, some of the clubs participating in this competition have the same name as their respective Football counterparts. For example, Real Madrid is a basketball club and a football club.
  • Liga ACB: The Liga Endesa (Liga ACB) tops the basketball leagues in the Spanish domain. The Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto hosts the competition yearly. 18 teams participate in a Liga ACB season. Currently, this competition ranks 4th in the list of basketball leagues with regard to popularity.
  • Lega Basket Serie A: Italy is the home of the Legal Basket competition. This series is the pinnacle of basketball competition in Italy. The competition allows for the participation of 16 teams, giving them the chance of winning the league's cup. The League saw the victories of clubs like Montepaschi Siena, Borletti Milano, and others.

Basketball Betting Odds

Basketball odds show gamblers how much they would cart away if they win a bet. Varying at different sports bookmakers, these odds appear in various display styles. These styles or formats are:

  • American Odds: The market that showcases this odd style is the American market. This format confuses new gamblers as it functions on the base of $100. With its use of negative and positive indicators ( - and +), bettors can calculate how their bets will be placed and won.
  • Decimal Odds: This is the most prominent Basketball odds applied across many gambling sites. Decimal numeric figures are used to present this odd format. Calculating the decimal style of odds, the gambler multiplies the odds by the money he stakes.
  • Fractional Odds: Fractions are used to indicate fractional odds. The “/” demarcates the numerator and the denominator. The numerator stands for the profit or gain while the denominator shows the required wager to win that profit.

Live Betting on Basketball

Staking money on Basketball odds gets more exciting when you bet on any ongoing basketball match. Generally, this gives a fulfilling emotion to bettors. Live bets are gradually becoming an increasing trend among bettors. It works as the prematch bets and sometimes pays better. Below are the advantages of basketball live bets:

  • Live bets make bet hedging possible.
  • It provides room for side bets.
  • Gives bettors a chance to make more bets.
  • It makes gambling exciting.

Basketball Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBET

Bettors enjoy generous incentives to place wagers on basketball odds at GGBET. These betting incentives include:

  • Welcome Bonus: To present the profitable life of betting on basketball games, GGBET gives new gamblers a starter pack to sweeten up their gambling experience. To access this incentive, new bettors have to fund their wallets.
  • Deposit Bonus: Enjoy sweet deals on every deposit you make on GGBET. New bettors are not excluded from this bonus. This bonus goes up to 1500%, and this depends on the ongoing promotional campaign.

How to Place a Basketball Bet on GGBET

If you want to place a bet on basketball games at GGBET, the below steps assure you of a seamless basketball betting experience.

  • Join GGBET as a new member or log in,
  • Pump funds into your bet wallet using any payment means.
  • Head to the sports segment and tap on Basketball games.
  • Seeing the boundless list of available matches, choose and analyse a game.
  • Choose a bet to wager.
  • Type in the value you intend to risk on the bet.
  • Verify the bet.

Basketball Betting Tips and Strategies

Gamblers know one eternal truth - betting is not for the weak. Betting on some games requires skill to analyze and win a bet. But Basketball betting requires a basic level of conversance and the use of certain strategies to keep winning. Here are the top strategies you should use when gambling on basketball games:

  • Bet early.
  • Avoid gambling with your entire fortune.
  • Limit parlay betting.
  • Understand how the game is played.
  • Gamble only on credible sites that offer favourable odds, such as GGBET.

Customer Support for Basketball Betting

In the process of Basketball betting, problems will arise. GGBET proffers three measures that can check such instances. The sports casino offers an email address, a telephone line, and a virtual chat room. Each measure promises to resolve all arising issues as the customer staff are notified. Why bet on other sports bookmakers when GGBET provides all you need with the most lucrative basketball odds? Start betting at GGBET today!